Design For Living - Isawa's Diary - Session 3.5

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So, Tag's fixed. There goes my excuse for us staying here and doing nothing. Happily, I managed to convince him to help shut Atikus up by following his magic twig.

So, we did. And a happy trip that was. I had fun annoying Atikus by way of the "Are we there yet?" ploy, but eventually that ran out of steam, as we did actually arrive. Big waterfall, with what we where heading for underneath it. Time for flight.

Big cave entrance behind waterfall, covered with a warding that makes it impossible to enter. I send the others away, "to a safe distance if anything goes boom", and rip the ward down. Easy really, since it was made with the Logrus. We head inside, and find a giant underground jungle. Oddly, not the strangest thing I've seen lately.

Not sure who first spotted it, but there's an old guy chained up to a pair of pillars. According to the others, it's Oberon, King of Amber, and another guy who's meant to be dead. Ok, he's pretty much catatonic, but there's definite life going on there...

The pillars are also made out of Logrus energy. this could be trickier. Not breaking them, but keeping how I did it covert. An idea occurs. Sit there and study them for a while, using mundane eyesight because nobody's magical sights are working in here, honest, then get frustrated with the whole situation and yell at the pillars to go away. Sounds dumb? How about if I point out that I can use the Logrus freely at this point, and no-one will be able to see anything but the effects?

So, we get Oberon, at which point big minotaur things start attacking us. Running away seems an excellent plan at this stage. Almost got rid of Atikus, but Tag wouldn't leave him behind. I really have to do something about these charitable impulses of his. The only person he should be concerned about like that is ME!

Much running, and a shadow-jump to the Design later, we're safe. And face-to-face with Romanov, who's come back. This could get interesting. Think fast...

Tell tag I'm gonna get Oberon to the infirmary for treatment, then leg it to the residence. Once there, find Benedict, and bring him up to speed on what's happened, and what is going on now. He comes up with a plan.

Benedict, having found out that his cover is blown, ambushes me and steals Oberon, before making a run back to Chaos, leaving me unconscious and tied up with Logrus tendrils. At least, that's how it appears to everyone else...

This whole thing did lead to some hairy moments when Tag decided to try and break my bonds with Design energy, but then seemed to think that would be bad, as it might harm me. Perhaps I'm getting through to him after all... Fortunately, I'm able to dismiss the tendrils, and explain that they must have been set up to evaporate on their own. Everyone seems to buy this, so I guess I'm in the clear.

Now, we're just left with the problem of finding the Jewel, and I'm fresh out of excuses...

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