Design For Living - Isawa's Diary - Session 3.4

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Atikus is going to know PAIN! At least, he will do when my ears stop ringing from the explosion. Note to self, do not mess with open Trump connections, the results can be loud and cause much collateral damage.

Now Tag has a Logrus infestation in his arm, from where he was holding the card. That's annoying. Can't think of anything short of amputation to fix that. Also, apparently it screws with his ability to use the Design. Ah, well. I wonder how he'll react when he wakes up tied to his bed, naked. Let's find out.

Hmm... He seemed to take that pretty much in his stride. Must happen to him fairly often. I shall make note of this.

Atikus seems to have found a strange tree branch that is trying to lead him off somewhere. Disturbingly enough, this may actually be helpful. Shame we can't go anywhere until Tag's arm is fixed.

Cue much argument, with ATikus trying to get us to help him follow the twig, tag explaining that he can't until he gets fixed, and me yelling at Atikus for trying to blow up me, Tag, and incidentally, himself.

It seems Malara has found her way back. It also seems she found something interesting. A tunnel in the wall of the Abyss. A very long tunnel. With a mummified corpse in it. Said corpse is dressed in very nice armour, and yet resembles beef jerky. Until a positive I.D. can be made, I shall call her Beef Jerky Lady.

Turns out she's Deidre, one of the Amberites, and the one that bundled Brand of the edge of the Abyss. Kinda dumb, as tactics go, I feel. She also has a funky rose brooch, that serves as a transporter to the Design. Mine! Now I have an escape route that won't blow my cover.

So, Brand goes over the edge, finds his way into this tunnel, and jobs Deidre. Then creates a Trump Gate to get out again. Shame none of us can follow those, really. Yes, a crying shame. I think my job just got easier.

Speaking of jobs, there's another one that needs doing. After numerous promises (not threats) of obscene amounts of physical violence directed at his person, Atikus has agreed to heal Tag after what we are about to try. What we are about to try is getting rid of the Logrus in his arm.

I feel compelled to point out here that I started apologising for what i will describe in a moment at least an hour before it actually happened...

tag tries to force the Logrus out using the Design. It works, kinda. After I dunno how long, it's confined to his hand, but won't go any further. Cue my part in all this. I am happy to use blades on people, just not ones I really like. Fortunately, Atikus was able to grow Tag a new hand. This is well for him.

If he ever puts me in a position like that again, I am going to take advantage of the fact that he is very hard to kill, by taking several years to pull him apart piece by piece. I will not enjoy doing this to Atikus. "Enjoy" doesn't even come close to how happy I'll be to do it.

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