Design For Living - Isawa's Diary - Session 3.3

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So, Invasion averted, I'm one of the family now, and Bloom's ill. Seems that there's a few little catches about this Design imprint thing that no-one saw fit to warn me about. The fact that it screws you up if you try and harm another person with it, for example. Looks like I'm going to have to find another way to stop Atikus bugging me, or else I'm gonna have a lot of explaining to do...

Corwin's given Tag a job - find the Jewel of Judgment. Big thing of much power, or so people tell me. last seen in the possession of some guy named Brand, who was a bit of a git, and fell into the Abyss. The Logrus has given me a job, stop Tag finding the Jewel of Judgment. Shouldn't be too hard, the damn thing went into the Abyss!

Oh look, we're going to the Abyss. Me, Tag, the annoying bastard, and Malara, who appears to be Bloom's pet killing machine. So, we get there. Many big castles and fortifications around the area, all of them Chaos-flavored. Looks like a little sneaky might be in order. Did I mention that Atikus was there as well?

Atikus and Malara seems to be entertaining each other, so it looks like me and Tag are partnered up again. I can live with that, he's amusing. So, how to disrupt the search whilst looking like I'm helping... Ah, a plan forms...

Tag agrees that it might be a good plan to find out if it is possible Brand (and the Jewel) survived the plunge. Tag also agrees to do this by jumping into the Abyss, with only the fact that he can (probably) bounce us out again as a safety line. Either he's incredibly stupid, or my fliting worked better than expected. Whatever works...

So, dive into the Abyss with Tag, then bounce us using the Logrus to someplace safe. Worked fine, except that tag got a little unconscious due to the trip. Put on my best "I have no idea what happened" face, and convince Tag that the Logrus must have intervened to get rid of us, because obviously I can't do that kind of thing anymore...

Yeah, right.

Back to Fenneval. Tag Trump calls Atkius to find out where he is. Seems he's being chased by Logrus users who want to kill him. Tag hauls Atikus through to Fenneval. Sadly, a Logrus tendril locks onto the Trump connection. Atikus thinks it'll be a great plan to stab the Trump card to break the link.

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