Design For Living - Isawa's Diary - Session 3.2

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Yay, stopping the rampaging Atikus isn't my job! I can live with that. Probably a while longer than if I did have to do it, in fact.

So, walking the Design. Piece of cake. Benedict fakes out Atikus's brain (such as it is), so he can't spot the fakery, and I run a minor levitation to keep me just above the actual Design itself as I walk it. Easy. Except I also gotta fake up some memory images to display as well. That's a little trickier, since there's still large holes where most of my recollection should be.

Looks like it worked. That's a relief. Now for that piece of cake I mentioned...

Bit more investigation as to what is going on with those murders. Looks like it was a shapeshifter. Not big shock there. Problem is, there's no pattern any of us can identify. When I say random murders, I mean exactly that. Random.

Anyway, Tag's gonna take me off to see about some better accommodations, plus a bit of armament, since Henshin also went away as part of the fakery. Did I mention that? Yeah, sword is gone, but the spirit within it has now transferred into me, and is pretending to be the imprint of having walked the Design. Oh, and I can't use the Logrus anymore. Honest.

Apparently Atikus (now sane again) has toddled off to some other shadow in response to a message. Don't know what the message was, and don't really care. Ah, Atikus is back. And he's brought friends. Giant metal people that are trying to kill him. Should be fun to watch.

No, it seems that there's an invasion force right behind him, so we gotta do something about it. Since the time is not yet right for Fenneval to go splat (apparently), I guess I'm just gonna have to do some killin's.

According to the great dumb one, the thing that animates these metal guys is in the chest. Works for me. A razor edged plane of force, scything across the group and ripping straight through armour and core alike, should do the trick.

Yep, that worked. So, giant metal guys down, Tag's squished the portal they came through, so the rest can't follow, and Atikus is having a go at me because he didn't want the attackers dead, just disabled.


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