Design For Living - Isawa's Diary - Session 3.1

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Well. Here I am. Still in prison. At least it's quiet here. Apart from the dreams...

Strangely, I didn't remember having a kid before. I can feel my mind clearing, the last bits of confusion from walking the Logrus falling away. That probably accounts for it. Still fuzzy though. Something involving someone very high up in Chaos.

That's not the worst bit though. Apparently, I was chosen by the Logrus for a task. Please note that at no point was I asked if I wanted to go along with this...

Seems that my job is to help screw over Fenneval. Nice. Oh, and make sure that the guy we rescued doesn't get found out as an imposter. Looks like a little fakery is in order. Benedict is pretending to be Romanov. Yay.

It would also appear that someone's been randomly murdering people in Fenneval. Oddly, I'm not a suspect. Possibly due to the fact that when the killings happened, I was either off somewhere else with Bloom and/or Tag, or in a cell. As alibis go, those are pretty good.

So, talked to Corwin. He's willing to buy the fact that I'm not actually allied with the guys trying to frag his kingdom (which is technically true), but he needs a few assurances. Seems that I have a choice, walk the Design, and almost certainly loose my connection to the Logrus, or go back into the cell and stay there. I'll take option C, thanks.

Mind-talk to Benedict. Get the lowdown on what he's up to. Get his assistance in helping to fake walking the Design. Go back, and assure everyone that a thorough mind-probe of Romanov shows that he really IS Romanov. All is good.

All that is, apart from the fact that someone tried to kill Atikus. That's fine. The problem is that they screwed up. He isn't dead, he's just gone Primal and is rampaging around the woods somewhere.

Guess who's gonna get roped in to deal with that...

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