Design For Living - Isawa's Diary - Session 2.9

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"Am I the only one that thinks this reeks of a family argument gone boom?"

Idly shuffling the deck of cards Tag had left behind, Isawa glanced across the cell at where Henshin lay half tucked under the bed. The sword had been far too quiet during the card games, in her opinion, almost as if it was trying to draw as little attention as possible.

"Oi! Talking to you."

Sorry, was thinking. And no, you're not the only one.

Nodding to herself, Isawa dropped the cards onto the sheets and leant back against the cell's door.

"Good. I'm glad I'm not going insane."

A slightly bitter smile twisted her lips for a moment beofre she carried on.


Both Dara and this Mei-Lian are apperently from Chaos, with whom Fenneval is currently at war, and who knows about the others.

"So I'm not just being paranoid, then?"

Not just paranoid, no.

"Thank you very little. So, where were we before Tag turned up?"

You where rambling about yesterday.

"It's not rambling," Isawa muttered irritably, "It's getting it all straight in what I laughingly call my mind."

Whatever. Escaped Sawall, nabbed Dara, crash landed back here.

"Yeah. Less painfully, this time. Met Athena, which was, let's see, yet another sword pointed at me."

You did make Princess Bloom collapse right in front of her.

Isawa's gaze on the sword sharpened at that, and her smile became a lot colder as she replied.

"Wrong, toothpick. You did that. She touched you, she fell over. Don't screw with these people."

Hey, I didn't know it was gonna happen!

The grunt Henshin recieved in response could have been acceptance, or simple dismissal of irrelevance. Either way, Isawa simply carried on talking.

"So, Dara removes the bombs-things in everyone's heads, then calmly explains that the King of Chaos is holding someone called Romanov to try for treason. Only they think it's this Benedict guy. Some kind of psyche and/or body switch thing going on there, I think."

Seemingly without noticing, Isawa began to pace the room, her speech becoming more animated as she moved.

"Bloom decides to go in and either represent him in the trial, and get him off, or stage some kind of jail-break. Now I would like to point out that I thought that was an incredibly dumb plan, since the target was being held in the King's own personal dungeons. Not that anyone paid attention."

I noticed.

"Quiet, rambling here!"

A smug, "I-told-you-so" aura started to surround the sword, but managed to go unnoticed.

"So, Bloom decides to take Atikus and me with her, and we happily march off to almost-certain obliteration. Remind me not to do that again."


"We get in, somehow, and then talk our way to see the guy we're after. You know, I really thing there's something very, very screwy about him. Benedict, Romanov, whichever. I think Bloom agrees with me. Have to ask, next time I see her. Anyway, after some utter stupidity from Atikus, and some really not-so-clever from me...still trying to get the hang of this Logrus stuff...we all enter the cell, so Bloom can use that wierd Design thing to get us out again, with the target."

A masterfull plan.

"Your very unhelpful sarcasm is noted, and agreed with. A brilliant plan. I especially liked the bit where we got dumped right in front of the frakking King. By the way, did you recognise the woman with him?"

Nope. Should I have?

"Probably not, but I'm sure I've seen her..."

Isawa's voice trailed off as she became lost in thought. After nearly an hour of utter stillness, Henshin decided it was just too boring to leave going, and gave her a subtle mental nudge.

"Sorry, how long was I-"

Only a moment. Continue.

"Okay, so the king calls us all traitors, and has us thrown to the gladiators. Nice. Must find out when his birthday is, so I can book him some etiquette lessons. Cue reality blip that lands us in the company of some friendly looking ten-foot psychotic killing machines."

Now who's being sarcastic?

"And I learnt it where? Anyway, much running around trying not to die ensues, and it turns out I can access the Logrus again. Go me. And I do, dragging Bloom, Atikus, and Whoever-the-hell-he-is, with me. Would have been much better if I could have got us further than the front door of the damn Wraith Guard barracks."


"Not helping. At least they were distracted."

Indeed, a wierd portal thing dumping Athena and some other guy in front of them, trying to kill each other, would seem a little distracting.

"Right. More running away, plus some diving through the portal, and we find ourselves in a bloody warzone, complete with someone trying to stab Tag. Can't remember what exactly happened to that guy, but is was certainly painful. Very confused for a it longer, something involving armies I think, then we end up back here, along with a cranky Athena, and a couple of prisoners that apparently had been captured before, but got let out. Did I miss anything out?"


"Oh, okay. I feel tired now. I'm gonna take a nap."

You do that.

After a couple of minutes Henshin sighed, and would have shaken it's head in despair if it had had one. Another few moments of watching the lump curled up on the cell floor, and it made a mental note to try and re-educate Isawa as to the concept of a bed.

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