Design For Living - Bloom's Diary - Session 2.9

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Athena arrived at the same time we returned. She however returned with an army. She didn’t know Isawa so she didn’t trust her, and it didn’t help that when Isawa handed her sword to me, I collapsed from the power it had. The head of Guards and Athena put there swords to her neck and took her to the dungeon. The others then returned our prisoners, and misc others, to their cells.

Dara removed the Cranial bobs that Gramble had planted. We also discovered that Romanov was being held by the king in the Thelbane prison. After I finally got things sorted with the gurads about Isawa., we eventual decided that Isawa and Atikus would go with me to try and plead Romanov’s case, when it came time to leave the little weasel that Atikus is had naffed off down the pub. Tag soon returned him and we headed off to aid Romanov in his trial.

We got to the prison under the palace of Chaos, as Romanov’s representatives. Whilst there Atikus decided to stick his hand in the invisible filed and ended up loosing it, Isawa then stuck in one of her tentacles and got it stuck so I jumped us in not loosing anything, then tried to jump us out, how ever some one blocked me and relocated us to the kings chamber, from there the king transported us to the guards battle arena, before we were sent off I saw Flora in the back ground, and I thought to myself I will get you back.

We then found our selves in front of 3 10ft guards, with swords, Atikus ran off into the sky, Isawa grabbed me and we jumped up grabbed Atikus, and the hightailed it out of there, by the power of her I am not really sure what to call it. When we got back to the street Athena had jumped throw a gate following Bleys, we grabbed her and jumped back throw the gate when we were on the other side, the others attacked Merlin to get to Tag, and I detonated Tags sword which he handily left in Bleys I don’t know if it killed him because the gate closed before I could see then we headed home.

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