Design For Living - Bloom's Diary - Session 2.8

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Atikus finished walking the Design.

We then headed down the dungeon, where a whirlwind of destruction had passed, with all the guards dead bar one.

After Atikus healed the wounded we questioned them It turned out the destuction was caused by Mai-Lian. I summoned the Elite guard of Fenneval, who have not walked from the Design and are not of Fenneval, once we briefed them we headded back down to the dungeon, where we had a new visitor, we asked some questions and I magically bound her to Tag, the only person to trust with her. We then trumped into a parade in chaos and headed towards House swall where we came apon a huge gate covered in roses. Atikus pricked his finger and vanished, Our visitor Iswa then did the same but insted was granted and audience, we were led to a waiting room where we waited for a while then a black spiky creature questioned us, and eventually lead us to another waiting area, where we waited for Jurt.

When he entered the room Iswa attacked him, and Tag used his mind as bait while the others nailed him, I went to find Atikus while everyone in the house was distracted, when I got the he stabbed me in the side so I left without him back to where Jurt was. We then carried the unconscious Jurt and rescued Atikusand apparently Dara and another person from the dungeon of House Swall and returned home post haste.

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