Design For Living - Bloom's Diary - Session 2.7

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Once the battle had finished, Tag started to teach Athena how to use her newfound skills with the DesignI went off to the blacksmith to get a special sword made for Tag because his was destroyed and this one has a special power to it. We then attended the War council. The main aims currently are: Raise an Army Hit Chaos where it hurts Interrogate our "Guests" in the prison Rescue the Elders from Chaos Find Martin, and Mirelle

During this meeting Atikus seemed very interested in my past, but I refused to tell him the location of my home shadow. How every somehow I got stuck with him. Corwin then explained that Grayswandir is a spikard, an item which can draw on power across shadows, however the links to their powers may not work, however their shadows may still exist. Locate other Spikards.

After the end of the Council I left with Atikus to my home shadow to try and get an army, it was all going well, I almost had it then the king said

“you can have the army only if you marry me”

“what?” I thought

“Ow god look this is what your up agenst”

And Atikus made the Logrus appear, I didn’t realise it was fake, so I jumped to defend the king with a spell, not smart never ever show violence in front of a king most of all in his court room. The king attacked us but I got us out of there in one peace at least.

When we got back I started to shout at him very loadly, Athena came out and Tag came over to see what was wrong,

“This idiot tried to attack the king and almost got us both killed and I lost the army”

“Look all I did was this”

And he did it again, Tag went for his sword but before he could touch it Athena had hit Atikus on the back of the head with hers, mans shes fast.

We put a bucket of water on his head to wake him up. We return to interrogate Salina. This was possible due to Athena spell. Tag asked the following: Have you been to Fenneval before Only during the battle not before.

How Do you know so much about Bloom. All information was given in the briefing. She explained the profiles they had on each us and I dragged up memories of the briefings .

Who were you reporting to Suhuy - the equivalent of Dworkin but for Chaos.

Which other Generals do you know of who were there. Guilder, Jurt (currently in our dungeon), Despil, herself(currently captured in our dungeon) and 4 others.

Where are the menbers of my family Flora is being held by the king, she is kept as an ornament in his apartments.

“What did she say?”

“calm down Bloom will find your mom, just take it easy,” Athena said.

where are the forward encampments. There followed a brief description of the Black zone. This is where we learned something useful. The Logrus has the power to create tunnels that do not pass through Shadow. They are a combination of a Logrus tendril and the black road.

Who made the metal trumps used during the attack. The Artist regiment

What other power sources do you know of? My father has many.

How did you Stun me last time we met. There followed a brief explanation of Words of Power

How is the Castle protected. Wards, and the Black watch patrols + many others.

How does the Logrus work. Many memories of training to use the Logrus were found and assimilated. However how much use they'll be is a different matter.

After this had finished i gave the magice fire sword to Tag, i knew it would come in handy to him. After the Interrogation Mei-Lian returned, and hugged each of us, at this point we did not realize that she was under someone's control. She then rushed to the Design which she started to walk, after Atikus, Athena and I attempted to stop her too no avail. Whilst walking the Design Gramble's control over her failed, she collapsed to one knee and was attacked by Atikus. We explained to Atikus that he needed to walk the Design, Mei-Lian was crying claiming that she had killed us all. She then told us that Gramble had made her put bomes in our heads.

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