Design For Living - Bloom's Diary - Session 2.6

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I finally reappeared at the design. Mei-Lian was leaning over a Fox she was unable to lift it from the design.

I then saw Tag flung across the Design by what later turned out to be a Logrus tendril, I went to help him.

Some strange thing flew up into the sky and started to charge at us, Tag said oh no, so I thought it was an enemy I had no idea it was his friend, I then proceeded to turn him to stone, however I kinda forgot about a little thing called momentum and it sent him crashing into Tags leg shattering it.

I started to heal Tag legs I was in a trance so I couldn’t see anything around me, I mangaed to stop the bleeding before Atikus the strange person grabbed me around the neck and flung me across the Design, I shouted for the guards, don’t really know why, but I heard Tag shout


I landed in the tree as I looked down I saw Athena and Fiona walking the design. In her life story there was someone who looked very much like Tag but wasn't, at least that’s what he says.

Mei-Lian wandered over and healed Tags leg, and Atikus arm, she then left.

When Corwin finished walking the Designhe pushed the fox into the design.

Once Athena walked the Design I noticed the fight so we went to rejoin the fight.

Tag started gathering information by tackling the generals and shifting back to base to raid their mind.

Once this had been repeated several times Athena noticed a Chaossian general of interest, we realized that she was stronger than others so we devised a plan, Tag initiated a trump contact and attempted to dominate her, I think he was winning, then she did something and he came under attack. We had to move fast, I got Athena next to her she grabbed the woman I grabbed Athena and jumped us all back, that woman was heavy. When we returned Athena whisked her off to prison where she belongs.

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