Design For Living - Bloom's Diary - Session 1.6

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After a massive combat against a room filled with Shape-Shifters, and more where coming I blocked the door with a bolder, this fight was not going to be easy, we managed to get ride of the shape-shifters, then we had to get to Fiona, not easy with the priest and Gramble, a tarter to amber. I don’t know how it happened but I was flwing controlling on of the guards attacking the other guard, then I heard gun shorts when I moved away from the ceiling and looked behind me there was a outline of me on the ceiling.


“Sorry Bloom”

After dispatching the guards near the altar, the Chaos Lord came onto us it was Gramble, how he became a load we don’t know yet. Athena kept him busy whilst Romanov attacked the priest. He sliced him in half with Trump. And yet he still fought.... still. The battle started turning sour, so we high-tailed it out of there, but not before Romanov got knocked unconcious and poor Tag had to carry him. Fiona is now recovering in Amber, however, something is drastically wrong.

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