Design For Living - Bloom's Diary - Session 1.5

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From there we saw the 'Design' Tag said it was lit up like an X-Mas Tree whatever that is. I went down to investigate closer, being the least conspicuous. I saw the princess so I wanted to get closer to her, I learnt more than I was hoping to, and so did everyone else it seems.

I was wearing a white dress, big mistake, I got confused by the crowd as one of the people who were walking the 'Design', however, in difference to the Pattern, apparently my life was shown to the entire crowd in big-screen surround style.

After I finished walking this thing, the princess came over and said I was her sister and a princess of this land. Ok starting to get more wired. The crowd know me for a stranger, and yet, they accept me and now I am there princess. Then Romanov appeared next to me the guards put up there weapons to him but the princess told then no.

He said something to me and made me mad I said guards, and one looked over and gave him a mean look. The Princess explained a lot about what is going on. Corwin made this design to replace the pattern (Which, by the way, is dying). Corwin is in Chaos, we need to find him to get answers. Time to go to Chaos again.

That might be easier said than done. The princess took us to Marlins room, she told me that she wasn’t sure but I was Corwins child or his sons child, Merlin. I trumped him, he answered I saw he was at a wedding, Mei Lian and Athena will need our help. Time to bust out some action, I mind controlled him and made him bring us throw the gate. We got to the wedding, Merlin got knocked out, Fiona was the bride, and she was naked and in chain, time to go to work.

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