Design For Living - Bloom's Diary - Session 1.4

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Melissa is now in Amber. She is recovering, however, Fiona is apparently getting married to some Chaos lord, here we go again. Problem, we can't quite get there.

Athena and Mei Lian have a direct Trump invite, but only for them, if they need assistance, they will have to call us from Chaos.

I showed a strange Rose Brooch, that apparently belonged to Corwin, I handed... Well Romanov snatched it.

“It has a.. strange Trump about it. I am going to activate it.” “What no…”

Too late he’s gone, and me and Tag and now stuck in shadow with no idea what to do. After a little while he trumped me, we walked throw the gate, and we were in a giant tree.

I flew out to have a look and there were guards everywhere, and they had strange things that made load sounds, I flew back to the tree.

“Wat are those things?”

“There called muskets. And they really hurt and could kill you if they hit”

“Where are we?”

“The brooch brought me to Corwin's personal shadow. I think in this shadow he might be their King,”

“And he has created some sort of power here I can feel it, its coming from that design in the ground. It feels like the Pattern.”

“There’s nothing we can do,”

“Your right come on”

We came down the tree, and surrendered. Now we are in prison 'waiting' for an audience with the princess.

Luckily, the cell is not warded, and chains are weak and so easy to escape from. On the bright side, there is plenty of bread and cheese but I didn’t eat anything Romanov made Cheese Balls.

Suddenly Romanov’s gorilla form starting to wear off. He’s going to need some clothes. We got bored, and when we learnt that there was a ceremony going on outside, Romanov trumped us into the giant tree.

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