Design For Living - Bloom's Diary - Session 1.3

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We decided to rest for a while, we were in the library, Romanov was asleep, Tag was trying to get some trump cards out of the book case, Athena decided to go and check on the prisoner so I followed her of course so did umm forgot her name. on the way down they started fighting, I felt something was wrong up a head, then I felt a power come in the disappeared. Since they weren’t paying attention I turned in to my Fea form and went on a head.

The guards holding the Chaos rider were killed, and the Chaosian escaped. We went back to the library to do some research before heading off. Romanov was still asleep so I tried to wake him, big mistake, he throw vodka, all over me, I hate the stuff and it smells bad. My people don’t touch this stuff if they can help it no I was coved in it. I am angry at him. He got some trump cards of all the elders, but these are the ones from the library. The ones Tag was getting.

Athena has decided that we should deep strike into the Heart of Chaos in order to save her mother, Fiona. Mei Lian is going to use her Shape-shifting abilities to make us look Chaosian. Romanov has locked all the Trump cards (Except the Chaos ones) in the library cabinet. Mei Lian has shape-changed him.. into a gorilla. Not that he minds anything, it is actaully , he then trumped us into a chamber. Turns out it was a royal waiting room. We simply walked out without a second glance. We are now deep in chaos.

We have learnt the position of Melissa, one of the younger Amberites. Is being paraded through the town on a cross. We are going to mount a rescue effort, iam going to be the one doing most of the work. With the help from Romanov’s Trump skills, we pulled it off. He made a trump gate open above her, whilst Tag and I did our magic and got her off the parade and to safety. We left and got as far as we could before we were sure we were safe, then we got her back to Amber.

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