Design For Living - Bloom's Diary - Session 1.2

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We had to talk to Gerard is in charge now, and he is telling us to go back to Chaos and find the elders. There was an explosion out side, when we went to the court yard, Mei-Lian was healing some one cant remember his name, but Gerard was mad at her and holding a sword to her trout, Tag has gone off with his brother to look around for some clues to what’s going on. We returned to Amber, and we got up to speed with the results of the battle.

It seems that most of the elders on the battlefield were captured alive by the Chaosian forces, and taken back to Chaos and their various houses. We have to get them, were going into the heart of Chaos.

We travelled to the border of Chaos, by the Pattern and stepped into their land, a dark and very evil land. As I went throw the Logrus powered up and I became a pancake. After the shock had worn off.

We were almost immediately accosted by Chaosian forces. A rider and a giant ant.. thing... Needless to say we took action.

While Athena subdued the rider, Romanov took down the ant.. thing.. it wasn't much of a fight, to be truthful, I mean I only sent out some lighting to help out but the only thing I really did good was kill him and that was from a kick in the head.

Romanov found some trump cards on the Chaos rider. All of them seemed to be Logrus powered cards, one to a royal chamber of some form, one to a pub, and one of a Chaosian lady. Turns out the pub is actually one to the 'Black Watch'. I wonder what a soilder was doing with a trump to a pub.

We captured the rider alive and brought him back to Amber, and into a holding cell. In the mean time, we spoke to the wartime co-ordinator Gerard. Oberon is not well, and so cannot lead us at this time. We have been ordered to go back to Chaos and find the elders.

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