Design For Living - Bloom's Diary - Session 1.1

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The battle had begun, I was fighting with the Amber groups, mother was on the hills with some of her own troops.

"Do you think we can win Tag?"

"Ask me later"

"Not helpful" We were pushing Chaos back, when suddenly i got a trump call from Athena she wanted me to pull her and a companion throw, i could see the companion but i really didnt have time to worrie about that in a battelfiled. When i pulled her throw she was with a strange harpie creature, i was scared but then it changed back to its true form it was Mei-Lian. Suddenly we heard a big comotion on the hige hill in the battelfiled.

We all looked to see Corwin and Benedict fighting for the Jewel of Judgement in the middle of the battlefield.

The Jewel fell into the Abyss, and all hell breaks loose. Chaos creatures rise up OUT of the Abyss, and they start pushing our forces back. After the Abyss was opened, Corwin came back to the young Ambers, he got us all in a circle and sent us back to amber before he did i took my last look at mother she was fighting strong and hard as always.

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