Danse de la Mort Introduction

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Danse de la Mort

This is the White Wolf introductory mini series to Vampire: The Requiem. I only have the capability to destroy other peoples scenarios (he speaks the truth - James Mullen) not create my own so I figured I would offer this up for the next session. Set in World of Darkness New Orleans. This game is for a maximum of five players and weirdly enough if one of the players were absent for the first week that would be a very good thing.

Kevin White
You open your eyes and look around. Your vision takes a moment to clear, but you can hear people and music - the sounds of Mardi Gras. It sounds distant, though; you don't seem to be in the French Quarter.
The night is cool, and you feel a breeze flow over you from the north. It should chill you, but you do not shiver or feel goose bumps rise. The light from the street lamps seems distant and hollow, and your clothes feel cold and rough against your skin. Something is different, something is terribly wrong, but you can't muster the feeling of fear or outrage. You do feel something, though. You feel hunger.
You glance around and see three other people picking themselves up from the ground. You feel a momentary flash of anger and fear, as though recognizing a threat in each of these people, but the feeling passes after an instant, replaced by the gnawing hunger.

There is more information on the Danse de la Mort Forum.