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Mark White (As played by Ben Affleck)
  • Mark White is born
Mark's background and information about his formative years.
  • Welcome to Amber
The battle outside Chaos is over and Mark is sent back to Amber with a message for Gerard. Initially, he is quarantined having been at the battle. Quarantine, now over, he is welcomed into Duke Halbon's residences.
Mark and Chance attend a party. General mingling occurs and Chance helps out a young lady who has fainted. Mark insults someone.
  • Summons: The Attack of the Zombie Dragon
A group of young Amberites is summoned to a meeting with Gerard where some curious facts are revealed. Somehow though, it sounds like a bit of a farce!
Taking the lead, Mark discusses a cover story with the group before heading to the library to research the situation.
Having left Vincent, Marks takes a turn around the Library to check on the others and to share any gathered information.
With no joy finding an answer in the Library, Chance calls Mark aside to ask for some help....
  • Sadly this is where the campaign ended....

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