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Further Study

Date: Started 18/12/2007, Ended 15/01/2008
Synopsis: With no joy finding an answer in the Library, Chance calls Mark aside to ask for some help....

Mark, follows Chance to his rooms as he's never been to them before and once they are private, he asks, "So, you've tried to get me along twice now. I am assuming it has nothing to do with the pretty young lady I saw you dancing with last night?" Straight to the point - Mark doesn't seem one to beat around the bush unless he has a good reason to.

“No the Lady will have to wait.” Chance says with a slight grin. “I need to travel to a different shadow to attempt this locate spell as quickly as possible.

I was hoping you had the means to assist me. All my Trumps are Amber related.”

A raised eyebrow, "Well, I sadly do not have any trumps that you could use. And from what Prince Gerard said earlier, I assume you are able to travel shadow in the traditional way?"

“Ah well, just a thought. I hope this Dragon's schedule gives me time to accomplish my task. It would be most helpful if you continued to be the gatherer of information. I will Trump Gerard when I am ready for it.”

Mark chuckles, "Let's hope." He continues to walk with Chance, "So where are we going?"

“As long as I am in Amber my magic will not work. This means I ride like the wind till I am out of Arden forest, then into shadow, the traditional way as you say. I will need time to tune the magic to the shadow, then hopefully a locate will tell us where our dragon is.”

"Then I wish you good luck. I know there are no trumps of me floating around, but if you can get a message to me with any results, I'd appreciate it."

Unfortunately, at this point, the game closed.

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