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Mark and Chance at the Party

Date: Started 27/02/2007, Ended --/--/----
Synopsis: Mark and Chance attend a party. General mingling occurs and Chance helps out a young lady who has fainted. Mark insults someone.

[I'm going to introduce you, as you'll be introduced there.]

Delores Halbon does the intro, "Lord Chance, who is Random's son, this is Lord Mark... I believe you have much in common." Then she fades into the background, which is a good trick.

Chance offers his hand (to shake) and replies, "Nice to meet you."

How did she do that? "Lord Chance - A pleasure to meet you." He shakes the hand firmly letting Chance begin the conversation...

"Intriguing indeed. She has made me curious though, what is it we seem to have in common?."

He smiles, "The Lady Delores was in fact referring to a certain family connection. Unfortunately for me, this is my first opportunity to spend time in Amber and I can safely say that it is far exceeding my expectations."

“I am relatively new to Amber myself. My introduction was far worse, a grand Ball. There, we have 2 things in common.” Replies Chance with a grin.

"So are we cousins?"

Mark chuckles, then nods, "Strange really since I've spent all my life without any extended family only to find out that there is in fact a host of them!"

"Who have you met other than myself?"

"No one actually. This is my first visit to Amber and I've only recently arrived. Prior to that, I'd been travelling and studying in shadow." He smiles, "So who else should I be looking out for?"

“Why don’t we take a look around and see who is visible? I’ll make some introductions if I recognize any cousins.”

Chance looks around for a drink waiter.

Mark smiles, "Lead on...." He pauses and then wonders, "So what were you and the cousins busy with while your parents were off in Chaos?"

“I have spent time with our cousins Lords Alierin and Lorenzo, and Ladies Avia, Sarziula and Gwyn.”

After a pause he continues. “Most of my time has been spent walking the Pattern, recovering, and travelling through Shadow.”

"You're going to have to show me the tricks of the trade sometime." He selects a drink, seemingly at random, and sips it, "Find anything interesting?"

“Chance lets a wry smile escape and chooses a drink at random as well and takes a sip. “Tasty,” “I was raised in a shadow called Texorami. Where were you raised?”

"Wet Pups.... Western Province Preparatory School for Boys.... In Rondebosch, Cape Town in shadow quaintly called' Earth'.... Then Diocesan College .... somewhere along the line, in one of the boarding houses, I grew up."

“Diocesan sounds like a religious term Sounds like a civilized upbringing. Where have you been staying while in Amber? If our schedules permit I could see which of our cousins are in Amber presently and arrange a meeting.”

"It is.... And it was. Compared to some of the Shadows out there, I had a very civilised upbringing!" He smiling, clearly reminiscing somewhat, "Oh yes... I am staying with Duke Halbon who kindly put me up and to be honest, my schedule is quite free at the moment and I'd enjoy the distraction!"

[Chance is clean shaven, small build, Sandy-haired, brown eyed, about 18 ish. Even his smart clothing cant hide his brashness, and the fact that in Amber he is still out of his comfort zone.]

[Mark is a confidently handsome, suave and well dressed young man. Sparkling green eyes dance with an open smile. His red hair is stylised and neatly trimmed and frames soft features. At 5’9” his frame is athletic though not overly muscular. He is currently wearing black trousers with dark purple banding down the sides (much like tuxedo trousers) and black boots. And a smart, probably silk, shirt features a purple stylised 'Knight' figure on the left collar, which is open at the neck. Despite being a new arrival in Amber, he seems relaxed. He bears a sword if it is the 'type' of party where folk wear such things as adornment... if not, then not.]

"Have you had the opportunity to meet our Uncle Gerard, the Regent of Amber?"

[I’d have seen Gerard because he was the only person able to take my Trump Call. This would have been about the point Trumps started working again. Which was after Brand was shot, after the storm had passed, and after the elders went into the citadel.]

Mark nods, "I did. He was kind enough to give me a hand on my arrival." He smiles, "Shortly after my arrival though, I ended up in a quarantine. Luckily for me, Ambers fears were unfounded!"

"Did you arrive by sea by any chance?"

"Actually... No." He hmms, "I'm curious. Why'd you ask?"

"You’ll laugh. I had a weird dream after an accident about a monk at sea."

Mark does chuckle and grins as he adds, "And the ship had a female figurehead of a woman with bared bosoms and a simpering smile?"

"I’ll add that to the dream next time" Chance responds with smirk.

"Did they teach you to dance in that civilized college? Any of the ladies catch your eye?"

Chance says this softer so as not to be heard by any bystanders.

All of Amber's finest is here, meeting and greeting and trying to look casually at Mark and Chance. There are also other clusters, which must have important people in them, at least to those who have joined the little cliques.

He chuckles, "It was a school for young men. But they did teach us the 'finer' arts and the sister 'girls' school met with us often enough.... But to answer your question, 'No' - I haven't had time to settle down. I've been kept busy the last few years!" Mark is clearly older than Chance but the way he's spoken of his past schooling, shows his fondness for those memories.

He smiles, "Yourself? Is there a Lady waiting on you?"

"My times been spent in other ways since arriving in Amber."

I don’t recognize any people here other than our hosts. Shall we venture to invite a lady for a dance. They seem to be eyeing us?” Chance adds. “You can contact me at the Castle, I have a room there.”

"I'll make sure I come and visit. Maybe we can practice sometime. I feel laziness settling in already!" He chuckles, "As for the dancing, it would seem the seemly thing to do." He looks around the dance for hoping for someone 'outstanding' to catch his eye.

Chance looks for a dance partner as well.

"I'll make sure I come and visit. Maybe we can practice sometime. I feel laziness settling in already!" He chuckles, "As for the dancing, it would seem the seemly thing to do." He looks around the dance for hoping for someone 'outstanding' to catch his eye.

Fashion in Amber is for young ladies to have slim waists and skirts suitable for dancing. There are many young ladies present on whom that style looks absolutely delightful, of course. It's a party!

Duke Halbon has gone to the trouble of having dance cards made up, meaning that some of the ladies at least are busy already, and some will be snapped up at some time soon. Of those present, Mark will recognise a lady he met this morning, talking with someone she must be related to, while Chance will know several bright young things from a previous party.

Meanwhile, someone has fainted in the atrium, and a mature but still outstanding foreign Princess is attending to him.

Well, given that Mark is polite and considering the new found friendship, he walks over to the chatting pair, "I'm sorry if I'm interrupting," he smiles at the pair and then to Miss Greene, "But I thought you might like to dance?"


There is no bar as such, but there are plenty of men in livery who will take orders, and plenty of tables full of drinks.

Ms Greene's dance lasts only a few minutes, and then there is a break, during which time Mark can spot her making her way back to her seat, while vultures descend on the tables.

Mark collects the drinks with a 'thank you' from a passing waitron before walking back over to the seating and offering her a drink, "I've got my work cut out for me I see."

"I did say I didn't have that dance free," she murmurs, "But now you can keep me occupied during the break. You /can/ keep me occupied, can't you?"

A raised eyebrow, "That all depends on what your might find worthy of your attention?" A slight pause, "I have to be careful really though - so I have to ask: Are you intentions honourable, Ms Greene?" He's clearly trying to stifle a grin.

"I'm scandalous," she dead-pans. "Don't you know?" But the mask breaks down a little, and she looks up at him challengingly.

He laughs, clearly enjoying the banter, "Oh really? I can't help but be intrigued as I am struggling to picture your scandalous deeds."

"I sail, alone. I walk without chaperones. I'm ... oh, I'm probably beyond saving." She sips at her drink and looks up at Mark, a little sadly. "I don't think you should try, to tell the truth."

Does she know? Is she manipulating him? She can't know... but Mark really is a bit of a sucker for someone in 'need'. "Beyond saving? I'm not sure any of the things you've noted mark you out as more than an independent young lady - hardly 'beyond saving' - in fact, I used to compete regularly against a young lady by the name of Caroline who was an exceptionally good sailor." He pauses, possibly looking a little too serious for his own good, "Besides, why don't you think I should try?"


The girl looks down, pale. "I think you will like me less when you know me more. And I think we should dance - are those not the opening notes?" That is wishful thinking, as the dance-floor is still empty.

Mark looks over at the dance empty dance-floor and then back at the Ms Greene, "Try me? I've always been told that I'm a good listener and I can promise to keep anything you say between the two of us."

"Then you won't press me, if you're a good listener. Thank you for the drink, though." She smiles. "What's it called? It's not something I've had before."

Mark looks a little crestfallen but accepts the change of topic, "Peach Royale - Champaign made from peaches... If I'm not mistaken, that is?"

"It might very well be. It tastes of peaches. Did you know this party was supposed to be for Jurabin, but he's not here?"

"Really?" He hmms, "Maybe he intends to make an entrance later on? Or," attempting a tongue in cheek quip, "maybe he's using it as a distraction so we're looking elsewhere while he commits some intensely nefarious deed involving a gazebo and a wooden figurehead?"

"A gazebo and a wooden figurehead? Is this what the horrors were talking about yestermorn? Because now I find I really must know."

"Horrors?" He chuckles, "Children are children and they'll get away with as much as they think they can. They'll only be horrors with you let them!" He smiles, "As for the Gazeebo... I don't it is anything particularly nefarious. It's just a figure head stored in the rafters. The kids clearly enjoyed the cloak and dagger investigation into its arrival."


"Regardless, it could still be someone unskilled trying to embarrass the Duke?" He hmms, "I'll have to have a word with later as I didn't realise the issue was quite so touchy." He then smiles, "The Treasures of Egypt?" (Deliberately wrongly said, of course...) "I've never heard of them?"

"There is an Egypt nearby, I'm sure, but Phoarah Akhtoi must have wiped it up. That's the name of the Kings out there. Phoarah. I think. But her daughter had her jewels taken by corsairs, as a ransom. There must be dozens of young men killed each year trying to find them, from that group of shadows."

Mark just shakes his head, "Phoarah Akhtoi? Never heard of her... or her daughter." He sips his drink, "So you say the Red Harlot lost it's figurehead. I didn't realise you'd be so interested in the affairs of pirates?"

"Uh, his," she amends. "I think I'm a little bit squiffy. His daughter. But maybe his sister, I'm not clear on that point."

A small nod before he prompts, "The Harlot?" She's not getting away that easily!


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