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Wildstorm The Wildstorm Universe was founded in 1992 by Jim Lee's company Aegis entertainment. It was sold to DC Comics in 1999. Therefore: Wildstorm rpg is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Wildstorm productions. Stormwatch, WildC.A.T.s, everything else, and distinctive likenesses thereof are TM and copyright 1998 Jim Lee and Ageis Entertainment, and are used without permission.


This is a Mutants and Masterminds game based in the Wildstorm universe. The Kherubim/Daemonite war has ended and the superheroes of Stormwatch are being restructured to be more efficient in dealing with post-human threats. The status quo will be established with the first eight week game, the status quo will then change and adapt as players act and react to what happens in the games.

Stormwatch Black

You have been recruited to Stormwatch by ‘The Weatherman’ Henry Bendix who is the Director of Stormwatch Operations. You are joining at a point of major restructuring within the organisation. Several members of the team have been relieved of duty. Bendix has divided the team ‘officially’ into two teams, Stormwatch Prime and Stormwatch Red. You are assigned to Stormwatch Black. You do not exist in any official capacity, your job is to do what the other teams are not legally allowed to do. Your role could include going into areas to ‘prepare the way’ for the heroes to turn up. Performing missions not officially sanctioned by the UN, and generally aiding the other teams when needed.

GM’s Aims

I want the players to create their characters together so that we have a team of characters with complimentary abilities. The players will be at PL 8 initially and there can only be one ‘century baby’ so that will have to be resolved with sumo suits if more than one person wants it. My aim is to take the players from superheroes to Gods. Initially you will be part of Stormwatch but I hope the storylines I’m producing will put you in a place where you decide to take things into your own hands. The game will not be straight superheroics, there are things going on behind the scenes that you will gradually become aware of. This can lead into player led sessions where you investigate and deal with potential threats. Also resolution of issues will change the status quo of the world and you may need to deal with the repercussions.

World History

  • 1900 - Some of the babies born on the 1st of January 1900 are 'century' babies. As they grew each displayed certain superhuman abilities and skills. They all appear immortal (not aging beyond their 20's) but can be, and often are, killed. This is invariably because of the extraordinary lives they lead.

It has been theorised that they act as an immune system for the planet, their very existence protecting Earth.

  • 1940's - Team Zero formed; an extreme black ops team which laid the template for teams that followed.
  • 1960's - Team One formed; to deal with a Daemonite incursion. The first official superteam of the Wildstorm universe, their children participated in the super teams that followed.
  • Late 1960's - Team Seven formed; an extreme black ops team formed by International Operations. Members were purposely exposed to the Gen-Factor which gave them powerful psychic powers.
  • Mid 1970's - Stormwatch created; Due to increase in superhuman activity the United Nations form Stormwatch to monitor world situations and assist only when asked by the host nation. Stormwatch is run by Henry Bendix (formerly of Team One).
  • 1980's - Daemonite/Kherubim war spills out onto the earth. Various teams, including Stormwatch are involved in a final battle that comes to a head in 1989. In the comics this was known as 'Fire from heaven'.
  • 1990 - Bendix recruits new members and re-arranges older members of Stormwatch forming three teams. Stormwatch Red, Stormwatch Prime and Stormwatch Black.

Player Characters

The various player characters will be listed here. Please see GM's aims and also Six ways to become a hero for ideas. Player's starting level will be 8.

Non-Player Characters

  • Henry Bendix(AKA Weatherman)

Henry Bendix's past remains fairly muddled, he grew up in Maladyville, Mississippi, raised by his abusive, alcoholic father. It appears that his father more than once killed a girlfriend during a drunken rage. Even as a child, Henry was extremely intelligent, designing the bodily enhancements that eventually led to the creation of the superheroes Midnighter and Apollo while still a child. Henry's diary from this time would mention that he had been contacted by the alien Weavers, who showed him the future. During the 1960s, he worked for the US government, developing a mobile weapon that was operated through a combination of manual controls and cybernetic uplink. It was dubbed "Think Tank". He was recruited into Team One, a secret task force designed to deal with the emerging Daemonite threat. Team One was dissolved following its first mission. In 1978, he was appointed to the post of Weatherman One, head of StormWatch, the United Nations Special Crisis Intervention Team. During that time, he was outfitted with cybernetic implants that granted him direct cybernetic link to Skywatch's operating systems. The Fire From Heaven incident inspired him to take a more proactive approach to peacekeeping. He reorganized StormWatch, firing most of the junior members and placing all members of the original team into inactive duties. He split the remaining memberships into three teams: StormWatch Prime, StormWatch Red and StormWatch Black. Bendix believed that this structure would allow for a more flexible response to post-human threats.

Story Arcs

  • Heavy Metal

America has been suffering from attacks and robberies by high tech criminals for the last two years now. These criminals have power armour, cybernetic limbs, high powered weaponry, super computers etc. All highly advanced and would have cost millions in development. The people using these don’t have the brains to develop them, the robberies they perform with their tech net them between 100-500 thousand each time. So where do they get their wonderful toys? Stormwatch Black’s first mission is to trace the high tech equipment back to it’s source and render it inert. Potentially we have someone creating an army of supervillains, therefore Code:Perfect doesn’t need to be invoked.