Six ways to become a hero

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There are six ways to develop powers in the Wildstorm universe:

Century baby

You were born on the 1st January 1900. You stopped aging in your twenties and discovered you had control over a certain thing. (E.g. Electricity, Ice, your own body). You have been searching for a purpose ever since, maybe Stormwatch Black can provide this? (Notable will need to do a full(ish) history to explain what you’ve been doing the last ninety years. Also only one century baby per team.


A comet passed to close to the earth and it’s radiation caused mutations in human DNA. Your potential is known by yourself and possibly your government. However you need to be activated, Stormwatch has an activator on staff but one of the terms of activation is you serve with Stormwatch for at least a set period. Powers are normally physical only.


You (or your parents) were exposed to the Gen-Factor a drug which gives people superpowers. The powers can be physical or mental.

Human-Alien hybrid

In this reality the aliens who can do this are the Kherubim and most of their children’s abilities are designed for war.


You are a clone, were abducted by aliens, gifted by the Gods etc. You possibly had no choice in this but you’re stuck with powers now.


Your powers come from an external object/source. The object can be mystical/scientific/alien in nature.