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Innsmouth is in turmoil but which characters' stories are we focusing on? Whose lives have been affected by the events above? Who suddenly faces a tough choice or risks having the secrets spilled out?

Leo Black

(Played by James Mullen) Leo is the Deputy Mayor: in other words, if you've seen the sit-com 'Spin City' he is the Michael J. Fox character. He is the speech writer, spin doctor and 'go-to-guy' in the mayoral office: its his job to make the sure the mayor gets re-elected. Of course, this is Innsmouth...

Leo Black meets the press

Leo is descended from generations of Innsmouthians on his mother's side, but his father was a contractor who came to work on the expanding township in the late 1970s. Leo's mother died in childbirth and his father was less than a stellar parent, so much of his upbringing was left in the hands of his Grandfather, Herod Black. As the years wore by, the roles reversed and Leo became his Granfather's carer until his death 2 years ago. Leo inherited the Black House, a rambling old building, and now that he is free of his obligation to care for his Grandfather, he is seen as the most eligible bachelor in town.

Leo has secrets.

Mayor Robert McLeod

(Played by Neil Smith)

Unsubstantiated photograph of Mayor McLeod

The Mayor of Innsmouth has mysteriously disappeared... so in the meantime, various narrative devices are used to bring him into the action, despite not being physically present until the fourth episode.

  • Notes, letters, diaries and hastily written clues left by the Mayor relating to the circumstances surrounding his disappearance.
  • Flashbacks: in these, other characters can interact with the Mayor and thus explore their relationship with him.
  • Narrative Voice: like Sunset Boulevard or Desperate Housewives, the Mayor has an almost authorial voice as narrator, being able to peer into all lives and comment on them from whatever 'great beyond' he is occupying.
  • As of the latest episode, the mayor has returned to town and all hell has broken loose

Dillon Seagrave

(Played by Robin Poole)

Dillon Seagrave - Between a Rock and A Deep One

Dillon is a local kid from an established New Gloucester family, having just returned fresh faced from NYU he landed a job with a local charity overseeing Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Community centre and heading up local efforts to look after the local disabled and disadvantaged. The figures are larger than national average, and he is sure it requires more research, research he intends to see done.

Dillon's deep concern for how his family was treated in the 1920s, the interment camps and eugenics experiments carried out by the government see him intent on making the rededication of the town an event where these things are brought to light, in an effort to secure funding for future. His concern isn't shared by his mother Patricia or Grandma Lizzie, his remaining family in town after his fathers disappearance.

Dillon has made friends with members of New Gloucester's thriving neo-pagan community, his girlfriend Jadviga runs the Age of Aquarius new age store in town, but his destiny among the hidden community of the town is beginning to unfold.

Will Navidson

(Played by Matt Sanderson) Navidson is the current owner of the Gilman hotel, a relative newcomer to New Gloucester, and a man with a dark and criminal past. His ownership of the hotel is largely a front for his real business of taking the strange treasures that New Gloucester has to offer (he has discovered the network of tunnels that run under the town, and has been plundering them).

Faced with the potential loss of his source of income, he is starting to fight back.

Kristina Johansen

(Played by Ashley Munday) Kristina is a marine biologist, attached to the mayor's office for mysterious reasons. While she is not a native of Innsmouth, she has adapted to local customs quickly, her neo-pagan devotion to the Goddess giving her an instant connection to the Hydra cult. She has shown herself to be highly manipulative, and is strongly motivated to gain knowledge of the Goddess at any price.