Time and Tide - Episode 2

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Inhuman Remains

  • Agent Green & Leo Black observe as a mass grave is uncovered during demolition work carried about by the contractors as they prepare the Area of Economic Redevelopment. Agent Green denies all knowledge of it and Leo heads back to the office to dig out the original plans used when this area was built in the 1930s.
  • In a flashback, Mayor McCleod is seen in a meeting with Will Navidson. Unbeknownst to them, 'Shit' creek is eavesdropping in a cupboard while Navidson and McCleod negotiate the removal of the town's hidden cache of gold via the network of tunnels that run under every street.
  • Back in the present, marine biologist Kristina Johansen arrives for her appointment with the Mayor... made yesterday! Leo greets her by bringing her up to date on the situation with the Mayor, during which they discover his mobile phone in his office. Leo decides to trust Kristina, since the Mayor must have had a reason for bringing her in.
  • Navidson, hearing that the FBI are due to be arriving to investigate the grave site, sends his boys out with dynamite to collapse some of the tunnels in the area, to try to ensure that his treasure trove is not discovered.
  • Dillon organises the local pagans into a protest march and leads them, together with a news crew, to the site of the mass grave.
  • Leo & Kristina head to back to the grave site, which is drawing a large crowd. Leo hands the plans over to the sheriff while Kristina observes the unusual biology of the human remains. Alan 'Shit' Creek overhears her remarks and Leo narrowly averts a very unfavourable news story when Creek slips into the pit and concusses himself.
  • Dillon and Kristina meet while examining some of the remains in the pit, including a humanoid skull with shark-like teeth. Before they can get too far in identifying it, Navidson's explosives go off, causing a large-scale collapse of the tunnel network under Innsmouth. The pit collapses, dropping Dillon and Kristina into a large subterranean cavern.
  • Leo meets with Patten, the property developer, and Peterson, the Mayor's rival for office, to discuss some damage control. Peterson is reluctant to make politcal capital out of this crisis, but he has evidence linking McCleod and Navidson to a fore-knowledge of the tunnels under the town. Patten persuades Peterson to throw Navidson to the wolves instead.
  • In the cavern, Kristina and Dillon find themselves waist-deep in seawater. They split up to find the source of a strange gurgling noise. Dillon encounters a strange humanoid creature, which dives into the water and disappears. Kristina finds the source of the gurgling: a construction worker who had fallen through the pit with them, and is now dying due to throat injuries. While trying to help him, Kristina realises the injuries come from the same kind of teeth as the skull had. Hearing a noise, she turns and is attacked and knocked unconscious by a creature like the one Dillon saw.
  • Leo takes tea with his Great Aunt Elspeth, during which he has a flashback to a prior tea with his Grandfather and Great Aunt when he was 13 and assisiting 'that McCleod' boy to become school president in order to get in with the popular kids. Tea is interrupted by a text message from the Mayor...
  • Navidson makes a scene at Patten's grand unveiling of the model of the new Devil Reef floating casino. He attempts to smear Patten, but it backfires and he is arrested for his part in the explosions earlier in the day.
  • Dillon confronts his grandmother about the history of the town and demands some answers. After a few tense moments, she agrees that it's time he met his supposedly-dead grandfather, who will tell him everything.
  • Navidson is taken by the police to an unmarked grey building on the edge of town, where is is interrogated and tortured by agent Green. After the torture proves pointless, Green introduces Navidson to a partner of hers, a barely human figure in a robe and cowl, who pins Navidson to the wall and demands that Navidson returns to the Father that which is his. While Navidson is being thrown around, the gold chain he wears around his neck comes loose, revealing a pendant with a strange sigil on it. The Deep One cowers before it and apologies for the affront to Navidson, saying that he wasn't aware that Navidson was beloved of the Father. Navidson starts scheming...
  • Kristina awakes in a cavern lit by rays of sunlight coming through cracks in the roof. She is surrounded by more of the creatures she encountered earlier. The figure in heavy fishing gear that Dillon met in the previous episode is there, demanding to know why she has intruded on their sacred space. Unsatisfied with her answers, the creatures close in on her threateningly. At the last minute, she spots a stone statue of a goddess figure, large and both piscine and batrachian. She offers a prayer (we see her learning the prayer in a flashback, where she discovers a tome called "The Book of Dagon" in an occult bookshop) to the goddess and the creatures stop. The figure in the fishing gear embraces her and welcomes her as one of their own.
  • Leo meets Jessica at the Black House and shows her a file full of information about the purge, including an original picture of the mass grave taken just before it was filled in. To her horror, he burns it to maintain town unity; as she leaves in disgust, Leo's Grandfather's words echo around the scene, about knowing who he can turn to... He pours himself a whiskey (after it being mentioned by Leo several times that he doesn't drink), goes to the bookshelf and reaches for the Holy Bible...