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Time and Tide - Episode 1

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Dangerous Endeavour

  • Leo Black is called out early in the morning to the docks where The mayor's yacht, The Endeavour, has been found abandoned filled with blood and sea water, along with a single finger. Alan Creek is quick to the scene and the news is soon all over town. Back in the office, Leo earns the animosity of his fellow staff by immediately seizing control as deputy mayor.
  • At the Gillman Hotel, Navidson is served with an compulsory purchase order by Dwight Patten, a building contractor and business crony of the mayor's. Navidson kicks up a fuss at the press conference held by acting deputy Black, but rumours about the unsavoury dealings at the hotel quell most of the opposition, despite this important landmark being put up for demolition.
  • Social worker Dillon Seagrave is researching the history of the town, after a discussion with Grandma Lizzy about the old church ruins nearby he meets a mysterious and insane old man at the site, he ends with more questions than answers. His dreams are filled with disturbing images of the mayor, sacrifice and blood.
  • After a chance meeting with (agent) Green outside the old church, Dillon joins her for coffee and finds himself being interrogated subtly. He quickly realises that she is not someone to be trusted.
  • Leo Black meets with Dr. Joanna Morgan of the NOAA, an old flame and someone with information about the mayor's involvement, secrets she is reluctant to give. Little does Leo know, Navidson at the Gilman hotel is recording everything and later heads to the offices of Peterson, the chief political rival of the Black administration. Later, Leo decides to side with the feds in a more direct way, signing away his agreement for secrecy.
  • 'Shit' Creek doorsteps the mayor's wife and bullies her until he learns that the mayor's took nocturnal trips on his boat.
  • Another finger turns up, this time mailed to Patton. This finger doesn't belong to the same woman as the one found on the mayor's boat, and shows slight signs of webbing.