The Cursed Darkness - Katelyn - Notable People

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Caine (as played by Antonio Banderas)
Marissa Dalton (as played by Catherine Zeta-Jones)


Caine – Katelyn’s father. Known in this Shadow as Admiral Caine Dalton of the Alliance Navy.

Marissa Dalton – Katelyn’s mother. Vice President for Acquisitions for Providence Corporation, a large investment banking corporation headquartered on Wessex in the Brittanic Alliance. Marissa was a successful pirate before “settling down” when Katelyn was born and claims that her duties as a vice president of an investment banking corporation are similar to those she used in her prior career.

Crew of the Argent Sun


Carlos Ramirez, First Officer – Alternates duties as weapons officer and boarding party officer with the Captain.

Ramirez was a pilot in the Iberian Federation Space-navy during the war. He and his wife Angela served on a frigate that was part of the defense fleet around Nombre De Dios. When the Alliance attacked, the frigate was heavily damaged. Ramirez was able to bring the ship down on the planet surface in a controlled crash, saving the lives of most of the crew. Unfortunately, he was unable to save Angela. He blamed himself for her loss and left the Iberian Navy after the war, looking for a place where no one would ask too many questions. He joined the crew under the previous captain.

Ryan Williams, Second Officer – Chief engineer.

Williams is a tall man with long, shaggy blonde hair, multiple earrings in each ear, and tattooed arms. At first sight, he’s an intimidating man, but this persona only goes skin deep. He’s a good guy who takes care of his friends and fellow crew mates. He hired on under the previous captain and decided to stay because the ship is the closest thing he has found to a home yet and he gets a kick out of eluding the authorities. He only has a few girlfriends because he’s married to his engines.

Geoff Wilton, Third Officer – Pilot and navigator.

Wilton is a hotshot former Alliance pilot who left the military because he didn’t like being told what to do and think all the time. He’s a big, muscular guy who shaves his head and has a thick gold hoop in one ear. He mostly wears sleeveless shirts to show off his impressive biceps. He has a girl in every port, and each one is convinced he’ll give up his wandering life and settle down with her as soon as he gets enough money.

Crew Members

The rest of the crew are former marines who left military service for privateering for the easy money and less restrictive lifestyle. These men are trained to fight onboard spaceships.