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A tall young man, handsome clean-shaven, his emerald eyes hold a daredevil gleam, his skin tone pale, almost anaemic, his flame red hair shoulder length tied away at back. Smiling, his teeth are very white and even, he stands in an en Gard stance; sabre in hand, golden filigree visible along the blade. Dressed in a pair of tight fitting black trousers, green piping at the seam, black boots, highly polished, and a fencing tunic, quartered in black and green, a black shirt beneath.


Brennos appears to be around 25 years of age. He is a tall athletic man with hair that is a vibrant red colour, and cut to shoulder length, he prefers to remain clean-shaven, but on occasion will sport a well-trimmed beard and moustache. His complexion is typical of a Caucasian native to northern Europe, though pale, and his eyes are a bright green but upon closer inspection one may note that they have flecks of a gold colour near the pupils. He has a sharp almost aquiline facial appearance and long fingered dexterous looking hands, which usually remain near to or upon the hilt of his sword.

A smile is never far from Brennos' lips; he oozes good humour although it is debatable whether he matches this with any real charm. His smiling confident demeanour goes hand in hand with his obvious reliance upon the blade. He rarely goes anywhere without at least a dagger upon his person.

His choice of apparel is usually equally flamboyant, despite the simplicity of the style and cut of his clothing, he always makes an effort to appear elegant. His usual colours are black and green, although he will always wear something red, be it even the smallest kerchief or a ruby ring.

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