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Shadow Velath

Brennos likes his position as a religious figure here. i.e. an avatar of the local War God who appears and generally causes trouble. He also likes to travel in various guises as a mercenary, sailor, trader, nobleman.

The time flow is about 3 times faster than Amber. It lies outside the Golden Circle - farther away from Amber than Corwin's Shadow Earth.


The great realm of Velath is a beautiful harmonious continent, a land of life and passion. The fertile coastal plains are dotted with woods and hills, they give way to rolling hills and dales again dotted with forestation. which in turn give way to the moor and mountains of the untamed lands, further still from the abodes of men lay great virgin forests little known and mysterious.


Many races make their home in Velath some are few in number, the most prominent have carved great realms. On the plains live the Charna, the dark men of the golden coastal city-states, and further inland live the Edomi or red men of the feudal cities of the Brotherhood. As the land gives way to hills the nature of the people changes, dwelling in the fertile fields of the great Kingdoms are the Ezari or stone people, the great fortresses of their Dukes and Barons dominate these civilized realms.

Away from the realms of men and into the majestic moors and mountains we find the Zephani or hidden ones, called by some the dwarves. Beyond which lies the great forests of Shir-Hadar ('glorious song' in the Old Tongue), which rear up and hide the mysterious woodland folk, a people of many names, Elves, Fey, Sidh and in the Old Speech the Aku, people of the moon.


A land of chivalry and magic, knights errant roam the land and seek glory, whilst numerous monstrous foes still trouble mankind, chief amongst these are the great serpentine dragons, a constant threat.

Bards and troubadours roam from city to city in search of new lands and new songs, and dark sorcerers terrorize the common folk.

In the cities scholars and philosophers seek to unlock the mysteries of the universe, whilst craftsmen and merchants carry on with life as such men will in all lands.

A varied land rich in history and tradition.


  • The Charna - Human. Short stocky dark traders, explorers.
  • The Edomi - Humanoid. Middle height, red-skinned (literally), bald, yellow eyed. Otherwise totally human.
    • The Brotherhood - The Edomi are organized along monastic-militaristic lines, akin to the Templars. Extremely xenophobic zealots, they are a menace to all who venture near.
  • The Ezari - Human. Tall, muscular, coloration ranges from tanned to pale, black hair to blond. The typical Velathian. Culturally similar to Medieval Europe. N.B. named the stone people because of their predilection for building in stone.
  • The Zephani - Very short (5 feet-ish), very stocky, dark skinned dark haired. Eyes are catlike and have similar night sight, glow as per cat' s eyes too. Clan structure, but cooperate and although apparently barbarians are in fact quite advanced. Do have some subterranean towns and cities.
  • The Aku - Few dare set foot in the Shir-Hadar, a land of perilous Elves and ogres according to description. This confusion is based on the varied descriptions attributed to the Aku. Some fit the diminutive European elf pattern, others the Tolkienesque tall, elegant (possibly Sidh like) pattern, there are also confusing accounts of goblin or ogre-like beings which are apparently also examples of the Aku peoples. One thing is certain though; Aku females are beautiful and perilous.

Gods of Velath

Gods of the Charna People

  • Dakkan - Lord of the Sea and Storms. Associated with the unpredictability of the sea, not a protective deity.
  • Ashtara - Goddess of the sea. Queen of the Ocean, Mother of the Sea's bounty. Associated with fertility, protector of fishermen etc.

The God of the Edomi Brotherhood

  • Athar - God of Fire and the Sun. Symbol of cleansing flame and purity. The faithful propitiate him. Believe that he is the only true god; all others are fake or demons masquerading as gods.

Gods of the Ezari

  • Ashru - God of War and Fertility. Symbol of Kingship and well-being of the 'nation'.
  • Kishra - Sister of Ashru. Goddess of the Earth and fertility. Mother goddess.

The God of the Zephani

  • Enill - God of natural forces. Associated with the Earth, Wind, Air, Hurricanes and Floods.

The Goddess of the Aku

  • Terah - Goddess of the moon, magic and the wild.

Friends, Foes and Lovers

  • Allon - Master-thief of the Ezari kingdoms, small, wiry, average appearance, brown hair, gray eyes. Around 55 years old, avoids combat where possible. Very wily and intelligent. Business associate. A good source of information.
  • Chava - A beautiful woman of the Aku, tall, lithe, honey blond with violet eyes. Currently a pirate captain, which speaks for her abilities in the vicious cutthroat world of the sea-thieves. Very much the noble hearted rogue, extremely loud and flamboyant. Exceptionally fine swords woman and knife fighter. Associate, some time lover. Very trustworthy. Apparent age 22ish.
  • Dathan - A very short very stocky man with unkempt black hair and beard. A loud mouthed yobbish (red neck?) lout, or appears to be. A very skilled thief, particularly skilled in mechanical skills such as lock picking and such. Could be described as cowardly due to tendency to avoid violence, towards him or others. A friend of Brennos. Actually a Zephani (Dwarf).
  • Graal - Duke and ruler of the city of Ishmir, an Ezari nobleman. A tall man, strong, handsome if somewhat hard looking. A scholar rather than a warrior.
  • Ithiel - A huge burly warrior of the Ezari, something of a berserker. Well over 6 feet tall, extremely broad and muscular, shaggily bearded with long red hair. Sometime bandit and rogue. A cutthroat, of suspect courage and trustworthiness. Left for dead by Brennos some 6 years previously (local time). If alive would be 40ish.
  • Jael - A good-looking man (notwithstanding the peculiarities of the Edomi). Originally a high-ranking member of the Edomi Brotherhood respected by his peers, a man of honor, also a great warrior of his people. Made the mistake of opposing Brennos, was tricked into disgracing himself. Current status unknown.
  • Orah - Peasant born con artist from the Ezari lands, she met Brennos in his recent piratical phase in the Charna lands. An attractive rather than beautiful woman, but vivacious and full of life, she is short, a red head, and has brown eyes. Brennos doesn't trust her as far as he can spit. An occasional business associate, and lukewarm friend.
  • Ovado - A native of Ishmir, a large city in the Ezari lands. A big broad shouldered man gone to fat, possessed of a prominent paunch and a double chin. He has close-cropped dark hair, is beardless, and has a very pale complexion, but his eyes are dark and hard. Considered my most to be a merchant, actually a fence and gang lord. Betrayed Brennos for reasons as yet unknown.
  • Shamira - A ravishing beauty of the Ezari Nobility. Tall, slim and elegant, intelligent with an eye for the main chance. Had short liaison with Brennos when he was passing through her territory. Approx. age 30. Last met Brennos 5 years previously.
  • Shira - A beautiful young woman of the Charna, a streetwise tavern girl. Quite short and dare I say buxom, she is Brennos' most recent lover in Velath. She is deeply in love with him. Approx age 21.
  • Thrake - A lord of Ishmir, enemy of Brennos at council. Rumored to be involved romantically with Duke Graal.
  • Tomer - A ladies man, painfully handsome and vain, tall slim, dark haired, pale and light eyed, an Ezari. A flamboyant rogue, with a reputation as a swordsman. Enemy of Brennos since Brennos gave Tomer a facial scar in a duel, Tomer was forced to yield and ask for quarter. Not averse to backstabbing, would dearly love to kill Brennos. Approx. age 35. Last met Brennos 10 years previously (local time).
  • Yoel - A pirate captain of the Charna. Darkly good looking but saturnine, ruthless and totally untrustworthy, a snake. A close friend of Brennos, well as close a friend as is possible given his personality. Approx 50 years old has known Brennos for around 20 years (local time).

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