The Children's Hour

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Using the Little Fears system, the group will endeavour to create the greatest children's drama serial never made, after the fashion of Primetime Adventures. This will be a serious drama about the issues children face as they grow up, blended with spooky & mysterious goings on which often act as metaphors for the world of adulthood.

Consider these questions about the setting:

  • Where & when does it take place? Is it contemporary, historical or a mix of periods?
  • Who are the children? Family, freinds, newcomers, enemies?
  • Who are the adults and which ones can be trusted?
  • What spookiness draws the children into the adventure? Their own gifts or something external? Are the overtones those of science-fiction or the supernatural?

There are also three scores the system keeps track of which will considered, namely Innocence, Soul & Fear:

  • What is Innocence? What does it do for a child who has it and how is it lost?
  • What does your Soul mean to you? Are you aware of it? Is it valued by others? Can it be taken from you and can you get it back?
  • What do you Fear? What happens to a child who lives in Fear and can they escape from the situation?

Proposed by James Mullen