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The Fight

For a change of pace, and as both sides had nearly the same size dice pools, we rolled off one die at a time; myself and Dave then narrated the individual maneuvers in the fight depending on who rolled highest in each 'round'. It was nice to use this almost DitV way of slowing the action down for something a bit less crucial than all the other conflicts we had had in this session.

Hidden Agendas

Tony, in and out of character, was very concerned about blowing his cover and the need to silence Chief Inspector MacDonald; since I didn't want the game to get bogged down in assasination or politics, I got into the spirit of open gaming and told them both that the Chief Inspector may have good reasons for not telling Mr. Clay that John is working with the SSG to uncover the blackmarket. Just as the player characters have hidden agendas, so do the NPCs: whatever Clay and MacDonald are involved in, it goes far beyond just the two of them...

Fiona the Spy, Pt. 2

Fiona has been beaten up since the last time Andrew met her, something he first finds out when he witnesses John's arrest outside the Poulson residence. Later, at the fight club, Hugo and Fiona are that much closer and Fiona is developing a strong grudge against Andrew. The surprising twist to Fiona's failed spying attempt is when Andrew is taken aside by Chief Inspector MacDonald and told to stay clear of Alice Hinds! Just how many East End crime bosses is the Chief Inspector in collusion with?!