LSD4: Angels and Demons

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  • The mysterious glowing being communicates telepathically with Andrew and Dr. Blenkinsop, stating that it wants to purify them as it begins to glow ever more brightly. The Major grabs the hapless doctor and breaks out of the decontamination suite just before the light burns unbearably brightly... moments later, as their eyesight returns, they discover that all radioactivity at BERB headquarters has been removed! Dr. Blenkinsop becomes very excited about the prospect of a 'radiation sponge' and tries to dupe Andrew into working to uncover more about this; Andrew sees through him and presses the doctor to give him the location of a file about the Croydon incident. The doctor does so, but also informs General Gronds about the Major's line of enquiry.
  • After briefing Captain Josef about the Factory, John returns to London to establish how much Mr. Clay is involved in this; whilst meeting him, Mr. Clay gives John the opportunity to prove his loyalty by dealing with a businessman who has tried to cheat him. John pulls out his gun and shoots the businessman in front of witnesses! Mr. Clay seems delighted to have a reason to take John out of the picture and scarpers after shouting murder! Hugo stays behind to subdue John, but ends up persuaded that John saved Mr. Clay's life by killing the man who planned to assassinate him! Hugo's loyalties are tested...
  • Returning home, John finds his possessions being thrown into the street by Rev. Poulson, who is angry at John for involving his church mission with Mr. Clay's underworld dealings. Sheila defends John and takes time to try and explain her father's position, which involves his previous unhappiness with Aqua's apparent friendship with Mr. Clay. John sees what Sheila is oblivious too, that Aqua and Mr. Clay are lovers! Before he can act on this information though, Angus MacDonald arrives to arrest him for murder.
  • Andrew arrives in time to witness this and find out what is going on, but is unable to prevent it; he goes to talk to Tom about Croydon, as he suspects that the vagrant's madness is a result of whatever happened there. His hunch proves correct and Tom inadvertently reveals that he is a deserter; not only that, but that Rev. Poulson has been assisting other deserters in staying out of the hands of the authorities! It also seems that Tom knew Andrew's wife while he was at Croydon and he refers to her as an angel.
  • Andrew uses his military authority to get into to John's cell to speak to him; they share what they have learned about the Factory and the Fire. Andrew is pressed into getting John off the hook by whatever means neccessary, so he decides to seek out Hugo to find out what he has done with the body... Later that evening, Andrew meets Hugo and Fiona at the fight club, where he learns that Hugo has had the body sent to the Factory to be processed into food. Andrew feels that with no body, and with Hugo testifying that John acted to save Mr. Clay's life, he has enough to clear John. Fiona then goads Andrew and Hugo into a fight (see discussion) which Andrew throws to keep Hugo on-side, but this is spotted by Jack Reddy who bans him from returning.
  • Returning to the cells the next day, Andrew is disappointed that Angus isn't willing to release John; Andrew has more than a suspicion that Angus and Mr. Clay are in collusion, an observation supported by the fact that Angus and Hugo are already on first name terms with each other. Andrew is forced to use his authority within the SSG to secure John's release into his custody, a move that reveals that John is at the very leats helping the SSG with enquiries into the black market. John is happy to be a free man again, but urges Andrew to eliminate Angus before he reveals the truth to Mr. Clay (see dicussion). Postponing a decision about what to do about their cover, they agree to focus on important SSG business: shutting down the Factory.
  • John returns to his unit to inform them that British forces are aware of the Factory and will be moving to shut it down shortly; Captain Josef considers his options and orders John to find out more about this operation so that they can ambush it and re-arm themselves.
  • Andrew reports his findings, along with John's photographs of the factory; an operation is fastracked to send out a unti of sappers with armed guards to destroy the Factory. The operation will be led by Andrew. At home that night, Andrew settles down with some bedtime reading: the file Dr. Blenkinsop pointed him to the previous day. There is a big info dump at this point:
  • The British deployed EDEs with the codename 'Hirsute' at Croydon, backed by conventional troops.
  • The EDEs turned on both British and Soviet forces, as well as civilians.
  • The British and Soviets joined forces to fight off the EDEs attacking them both; Andrew's wife, a fluent Russian linguist, acted as a liasion to co-ordinate the two forces joint actions.
  • After the battle, the surviving British troops were ordered to finish off the weakened Soviets and retake Croydon.
  • One of those Soviets executed was... Captain Josef Dmitriov.

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