We have moved venue to the National Film and Sci-Fi Museum. Please make sure you have the correct venue details.

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The Milton Keynes Role-Playing Games Club kind of does what it says on the tin. It's a club, in Milton Keynes, where we play tabletop, face-to-face role-playing games (like Dungeons & Dragons).

Our games

We play mini-campaigns of around 8 weeks followed by about three weeks of one-off and short games; see the block calendar for when things happen. There's no agenda about what games get played: people propose games they want to run and we vote to work out who gets to play what. See Current games and Games we have played for what we've been playing recently.

There area no requirements for proposing a game if you want to GM/DM. Add a description of your game to the Proposed long-block games or Proposed short-block games lists and hopefully you'll get players! People vote for the long-block games they want to play, but short-block games are more ad-hoc and arranged on the night.


We meet every Tuesday evening, 19:30:00 - 22:30, at the National Film and Sci-Fi Museum in central Milton Keynes (map).

The address:

National Film and Sci-Fi Museum
34 Secklow Gate West
Milton Keynes

There's plenty of parking outside the venue, free after 18.00.

More details are on the venue page.

Joining the club


The ideal time to join the club is at the start of a long or short block, but it's often possible to join part way through - take a look at Current games for what we're playing and contact us (see below) if you're interested in joining.

Anyone can join, but please drop us a line if you're under 18. (We need to pay attention to safeguarding issues.)

If you want to publicise the club, please print our poster (to the right) and up it up somewhere (responsibly).


Club membership is £13 (£6.50 concessions) per person per month, but your first two sessions are free, so you can see what's on offer. There's no profit involved, it's purely costs.

Contact us

If that sounds interesting, please contact us by email or Meetup. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter. Most club communication happens via Discord: ask us for an invite.

(There is a standard introductory email based on the above text. It's sent to each prospective listmember, just to check they're not a spambot.)

(And because people sometimes ask, the club was founded on 15 July 2003.)