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Dr Teresa Reilly

Teresa Reilly
Full Name Teresa Marie Reilly
Date of Birth 4th September 1975
Lament Skimmer
Shade Banshee
Crucible Zeta
Background Psychiatrist


Slightly taller than average for a woman, Teresa has green eyes and naturally blonde hair. She dresses well, tending towards conservative at work and classically stylish on her own time.


Teresa is a psychiatrist and a qualified medical doctor who worked with severely disturbed individuals in the secure unit of the New York Psychiatric Institute. (At least one of her near-death experiences was the result of a violent incident at work.) Her tendency to become too emotionally involved with her patients meant that she was heading for either burnout or breakdown at some point in the not-too-distant future. She was already seriously considering a temporary or permanent break from the profession when approached by the Orpheus recruiter.


Teresa and her older brother Brian grew up in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Their father, Adam, was businessman; the CEO of a corporation. He worked long hours, so that they saw very little of him as they were growing up. Their mother, Fiona, was a trophy wife. When not socialising, working out with her personal trainer or attending a salon for some beauty treatment or other, she oversaw several charities.

Brian and Teresa have always gotten along fairly well, despite there being quite an age gap (six years) between them. There was never any question in their parents’ minds that both of their children would go on to do great things. After all, they had every advantage: breeding, upbringing and everything money could buy. After Harvard (both of them), Brian went on to become a lawyer in a large Seattle firm, whilst Teresa worked first as a doctor and then a psychiatrist in New York.

Important People


Adam Reilly, Father

Adam Reilly is a hardworking businessman who is the CEO of a significant corporation.

Fiona Maria Reilly (nee Callahan), Mother

Fiona is a decade and a half younger than her husband, and is as much of a status symbol for him as the large house and the flash car(s).

Brian Reilly, Brother

Teresa’s elder by some years, he has always tried to look out for his younger sister. They generally get on well, aside from the usual sibling spats. Brian is a lawyer and has recently become engaged.


Doctor Nicholas “Nick” Masters, her manager at the secure facility

As well as being her former boss, Nick is also her ex-lover. They began a semi-serious romantic entanglement after she started working at the unit, but that came to an end a few months before Teresa joined Orpheus. Their parting was not entirely amicable, but they have since reconciled to an extent. There is still a certain amount of awkwardness and even bitterness between them, but their professional relationship is more or less intact.

John "Blink" Carruthers, fellow projector

Teresa and John started seeing each other not long after becoming Orpheus employees. However, they're not officially 'an item', as they both prefer things to remain on a more casual basis. Teresa cares for him a great deal -- possibly more than she'd prefer -- and considers him a good friend.


Dreams and Visions

Sometimes, projectors with Forebode spontaneously receive visions. This tends to happen when falling asleep, and when going into or coming back from cryogenic suspension in the cradles. It isn't clear what significance such visions have, but there are those who claim to find meaning in them. Projectors tend to remember Forebode visions, and they feel noticeably different to ordinary dreams.