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(This happened the first time Teresa and Kate slept after they found their and Annie's minds linked together. Although Annie didn't actually sleep -- being a ghost -- she still experienced the dream with them.)

The kaleidoscopic whirl of colours resolves into the flash and sparkle of party finery, as you dance through the crowded ballroom. Everywhere you look, there are people dancing, laughing, drinking; every one of them dressed to kill; but only one of them stands out. A man. He is wearing an mask of a another man's face, but no one seems to know. No one seems to notice the mocking smile upon his lips and he goes through the motions with partner after partner after partner. The music comes to an end (it always does), and the mask slips, falling to the ground.

And, in two separate places, two women wake with the sound of their own screams ringing in their ears.