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These are the characters in the Nero game.


The Leads in Nero are:

  • Vitus Lucianus (Scott Dorward): A Senator and born-again Christian.
  • Vebius Lucianus (James Mullen): Vitus's son (by his first wife) and 2IC of a legion.
  • Drucilla Lucianus (Aiva): Vitus's second wife.
  • Lucidus Tiberius (Richard): Vebius's commander, recently returned from Britannia.
  • Manus Cathal (Robin Poole): Gladiator and ex-slave of Vebius, captured in Britannia.

The Relationship and Value statements at the start of the game were as below.



  • Vebuis has a dangerous hunger that needs to be contained.
  • I must not give into the temptation to punish Drucilla for her wicked ways.
  • I have come to doubt that Lucidus is worthy of my daughter.
  • Manus is the one man in Rome who can be trusted.


  • Duty: Those I love need to be saved
  • Glory: I am but a conduit for the glory of God
  • Justice: There is no justice in the world of man
  • Love: Turn the other cheek, but remember who slapped it
  • Power: My power is no longer a tool for my personal gain
  • Truth: I must hide what I believe for the safety of all.



  • Vitus is an old man standing in my way.
  • Drucilla is a worthy adversary.
  • I question Lucidus's loyalty to Nero.
  • There is no value in Manus.


  • Duty: I owe nothing to anyone but myself and my Emperor.
  • Glory: The Light of Nero shall shine on me!
  • Justice: The law belongs to those who buy it.
  • Love: People will do anything for you if you say you love them.
  • Power: If you aren't a master, you're a slave.
  • Truth: Say what you must to get what you want.



  • I enjoy the reflected power of Vitus. I feel free to use it as I wish without any repercussions.
  • Vebius is amusing but poses no threat to me.
  • Lucidus must be mine (until i get bored).
  • I love the way Manus chases me; it boosts my ego.


  • Duty: I should keep my affairs private so as not to sully the family name
  • Glory: I wouldnt mind a trophy lover
  • Justice: I deserve what I have
  • Love: I enjoy the chase too much
  • Power: I relish the power I have over men.
  • Truth: My status is sacred and my past must remain hidden.



  • Vitus stands between me and power
  • I must help Manus as I believe he is being controlled
  • Drucilla is too wrapped up in her own affairs.
  • Vebius should take my place after me.


  • Duty: I have a responsibility to my men to improve conditions and the unjustice in the chain of command.
  • Glory: I am already famous for my victories but I will not rest on my laurels. The Roman army can become even greater.
  • Justice: There is great injustice in the military. Leaders are unaware and uncaring of the reality of war.
  • Love: My wife and I are not the same- all she cares for are the comforts of home. I want someone who shares more of my values.
  • Power: I must gain power in the senate in order to improve it. I will revolutionise it from the inside - by honourable means.
  • Truth:



  • Vitus He should turn from his false god.
  • Vebius is an emtionless whelp who barely looks at me despite my magnificence.
  • Drucillahas been touched by my unearthly powers and made holy.
  • Lucidus is a rival for the affections of those I wish to control.


  • Duty: Chains like this can no longer hold me.
  • Glory: The gods have chosen me to be their avatar
  • Justice: The only justice is my will
  • Love: Affection is weakness.
  • Power: he power of this world is meaningless, it will soon be ashes
  • Truth: Rome's Lies must be laid bare under the glorious sun of my reign


(Relationships marked (R) are the description of the relationship the Lead has with this Feature.)

Emperor Nero


  • Vitus (R) I'm no longer afraid
  • Vebius (R) The glory of Rome!
  • Drucilla (R) Blackmails me into doing things
  • Looking for an excuse to kill Claudia
  • Lucidus is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen


  • Visits the bath for 'executive stress relief'

Claudia Caesar

Current wife of Nero


  • Drucilla (R) Gossip buddy
  • Nero (R) Looking for an excuse to kill
  • Vitus is a passionate lover


  • Visits the bath for 'executive stress relief' (with Vebius?)

Qunitina Tiberius

Wife of Lucidus Tiberius


  • Lucidus (R) She's over-pious
  • Secret desire for Manus
  • Vebius needs to be saved
  • Uncomfortable acting as a spy for Vitus
  • Seeks solace from Demodocus

Julia Lucianus

Daughter of Vitus and Drucilla, aged 16


  • Drucilla (R) Annoying little brat
  • Attracted to Manus
  • Crush on Lucidus

Jamseed Khamesh

Pathian general, ostensibly working for the Romans

  • Manus (R): Co-conspirator against the Romans
  • Wants to rekindle the affair with Drucilla


Protégé of Vebius


  • Vebius (R) Our passion is intense
  • Manus is the Chosen One

Relationship maps

Nero relationship map
Nero character generation stages
Nero relationship map stage 1
Nero relationship map stage 2
Nero relationship map stage 3
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Nero relationship map stage 5
Nero relationship map stage 6