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When Bad Things Happen To Good Magicians

A comedy game driven by the player's narrative, as they try to explain to the Good Magician who employed them why the mission he sent them on went so disastrously wrong... Players score points by killing monsters and collecting gold, but also by being nearest to the GM in seating order whenever they actually do something right! Equally, they can lose points by being closest when things go wrong; much of the game is spent jockeying for the prime position at the right time or trying to arrange matters so that it is the wrong time for the other players.

Non-Union Teamsters

Recruited from a variety of genre-specific worlds, the players have the job of trucking goods across the multiverse in order to pick up their pay packets; they can either takes huge risks and dangerous shortcuts in order to get their Prompt Delivery Bonus, or they can meander through outlawed side-dimensions picking up illicit goods to make a profit on the side. Each player takes on a different background (Wizard, Barbarian, Cyberpunk, Werewolf, Sidekick) and a team role (Driver, Navigator, Loader, Shotgun) as they collectively manage their most precious resource, the Truck! Pick upgrades for it, choose the cargo and drive through hell... literally!

Loose Toys

Using the Savage Worlds system, the players take on the roles of soft toys or action figures built by the SmarToy Company in the year 2026, designed to be companions, protectors and educators to the children who own them... then one day, the toys become self-aware and discover that the city is deserted... The game follows the toys as they come to terms with their new found sentience and wrestle with their programming, as they attempt to find out where everybody has gone.

Hell Money

It turns out to be true; the only certain things in life are death and taxes! When you died, you found yourself in the afterlife as a penniless ghost: it turns out its really important to be buried with your worldly goods, because you do take it with you! Now you have to get a job in an afterlife where the rich on Earth are the powerful here and you only have with you the things you were buried with! Egyptian Pharoahs and Chinese Emperors rule the land, whilst Celtic Kings are powerful moneylenders; in order to get by, you are going to need to take a job and the Outland Revenue Service are always looking for new staff...