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Loose Toys: SmarToy

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In the Toybox

  • Sine - spooky Japanese doll
  • Puffy - mute ball of silly putty
  • Soupy - courageous and curious dragon
  • Talkndo - smart alec sumo toy
  • Octo - tentacled terror of the World

Chapter 1 - Play Time

Our toys awake in Acacia Towers
All switched on by mysterious powers
The apartments are empty, without a soul
The toys make discovery their first goal.

They leave all their rooms and start to explore
Getting a shock when they free the lift door!
Octo says "This shows what took them away!"
And puts a collage on open display.

Sine says "The toy store is where we must go,
a sign in my brain is starting to glow!"
They cross Central Park, a dangerous place,
with trees that inhale and dogs in your face!

They get to the store, ahead of bad bugs,
And hook Sine up for some virtual hugs.
The store is as empty as the whole city.
The toys are alone; oh what a pity!

Chapter 2 - Got Milk?

Whilst Octo gears up, bugs fly through the gap
And Soupy is shocked to see a bear trap.
Dan & Eileen are survivalist nuts;
The toys realise that they hate their guts!

"The Russkies are coming!" Dan tells the toys,
Whilst they shoot at the bugs; oh, what a noise!
Packing their goodies, they vacate the store;
See a strong beast, but The Milkman has more!

"My milk is delicious," The Milkman states,
but its not milk he's got in all those crates!
The lunatic drives them all out of town
taking them to a party thats going down.

Sadly, evil ponies make life quite hard
and The Milkman finds they have punched his card...
but the toys are cheered when new friends arrive
and swell their numbers to almost twice five!

Chapter 3 - Puppet Government

They bury The Milkman's final remains
(even though Sine keeps saying, "Brains, brains, brains!")
and let Emma & Louise drive through Philly,
stopping for an old dear who looks chilly.

She makes the toys coffee, which they don't drink,
but what they see on screen makes them all think!
The old bat says, "Juan had to leave quickly";
what Sine & Octo say makes them feel sickly.

With Granny in tow, they get to the site
of the party thats on tomorrow night.
Hundreds of toys have already got here;
Bobo's up front but Ahab's the Boss here!

Ahab finds Puffy gets under his skin
and Octo tells Teddy to pull the pin!
Granny's been killed, the party's been cancelled;
Washington's next, but see what they beheld...

Chapter 4 - Its Party Time!

Outside Washington lurks alien threat
and the Pentagon is off limits yet.
Talkndo says "There must be a passage!"
Rebecca arrives; she's good for 'massage'.

Rebecca tells all, "My boyfriend awaits;
he works in a shop that sells plastic 'dates'!"
They liberate sex dolls from the slum place
With them in tow, to the party they race!

Octo finds transport, with passengers on.
Sex dolls & nutters? What a carry on!
At last they get to the Smartoys depot
and make it inside with an hour to go.

The party begins; the toys become one!
Except for Puffy, who's scared of the fun.
Most toys are planning a counter-attack;
Our heroes must rescue Senator Black...

Chapter 5 - Does That Make Me Crazy?

The alien bushes block their way in
but this war game is one they can win!
With bullets & bombs & flame throwers too
Their tanks are the weapons that get them through!

The security here is very tight
but their postal impression is just right!
The Senator gets hugs from Rebecca;
She doesn't want to but the toys make her!

Senator Black says, "I am your father";
He made them smart, then got in a lather.
His great work is ruined: "Its not my fault;
I'll show you the back-up thats in the vault"

At last The Patton is back together!
It ran from the aliens, hell for leather!
Now it is planning a massive attack!
There's 24 hours to get the kids back!

Chapter 6 - Send in the Clowns!

To New York in a jet the toys travel
before all their plans start to unravel.
Fire or poison or simply brute force?
The correct strategy is clowns of course!

They round up a whole lot of ice cream vans;
freezing their foe is the heart of their plans!
With liquid nitrogen the vans are filled,
driven by toy clowns who're sure to be killed!

Soupy flies over the dome in a plane
while Sine listens in to the alien brain!
When the attack fails, out comes Soupy's Tom!
The boy's not himself and acts like a zom

At last they speak to the alien dome
and the Patton fears he will have no home!
They slam dunk the Fern Chips into the brain;
the dome becomes 'George' (fortunately sane)