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Mythic Russia Siberian playtest

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Part of the Mythic Russia playtest. See also the Mythic Russia Lithuanian playtest.

The Siberian Game

If you want to take your existing characters into Siberia, please feel free. If you want new characters, that's fine too. In either case, I'd like to go for a higher power level than the basic starting characters. Therefore, starting abilities will be:

  • One keyword will have all abilities at 10M
  • One keyword will have all abilities at 5M
  • Two keywords will be at 1M
  • Everything else will start at 17

(abilties from your description will count as a keyword for the purpose of starting levels). You'll then have 40 points to spend on increasing abilities, no more than 20 on any one ability. Affinities will cost 3 points per point of improvement. If you have three abilities related to a magic keyword at ratings of 1M2 or above, you're eligible to learn the Secret.


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