Longshore Crew session 4

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Session 4 of the Longshore Crew campaign.

Following the various shootings from the last session, the Crew's priority was the treatment of the injured. Kalina tried to stabilize the boy, while Gary trekked into the jungle to treat Joe and Solid Snake. Milo took over control of the remotes, and found the hydrofoil crew some distance further into the jungle.

Travar scouted around the village looking for people to talk to. He found Hannibal, the Native Patrol officer. When told what had happened, Hannibal exclaimed, "They [the hydrofoil crew] weren't supposed to do that!" but managed to evade Travar after that.

Travar decided that dealing with the various casualties was more pressing than chasing fugitives in the jungle, so Tom (the shot boy), his mum, Joe, Solid Snake's body, and the handcuffed Jessica were all ferried into the plane to join Wayne and his mum for evacuation to Longshore.

Meanwhile, Milo had scooted off to investigate the hydrofoil. He didn't find anything of significance there, but did manage to disable its engines.

The Longshore Crew flew back to Longshore. During the flight, they asked for backup from the Longshore GEO Patrol beat officers, who then flew out to Keepsake to arrest the hydrofoil crew, George, Hannibal, Gustav, and anyone else looking suspicious. Marshal Hector Stack overheard the report of what happened in Keepsake, and decided to join in the fun. They also had a message, via the Longshore clinic, from Hanover, who offered their medical facilities to treat Tom. Gary decided that Tom's interests were best served by stabilizing him in Longshore and then transferring him to Haven.

Returning to Longshore, the Crew interviewed Wayne and Jessica to discover what was going on. Jessica revealed that she realized that Gustav had not killed David directly, but she was convinced that he was involved in allowing the Blue Water Circle to find and kill him. Meanwhile, more information came from other sources. Some numerical data gleaned from David's bodycomp and was interpreted as being a balance sheet, with income from 'bales' and expenditure for street lighting, CommCore hubs, and the like. The account numbers were connected to the Native Emancipation League. Wayne, and David's bodycomp, mentioned a base in the mangrove stands on the north-east coast of Fable island. Gustav's (paper) journal seemed to indicate that Defender had perusaded him to pass information to the partially ostracized Defender. These discoveries were followed by a long discussion of how all the facts fitted together. They soon got close to the truth of what was happening in Keepsake.

During this discussion, the GEO Patrol contingent in Keepsake reported that they had found none of the hydrofoil crew, George, Gustav, or Hannibal, and were returning to Longshore.

The Crew pondered their next move.