Longshore Crew session 3

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Session 3 of the Longshore Crew campaign.

The sesssion started with discussions on how to move a fish tank full of (probably poisonous) bright red soft spurts into the plane using a small rubber dinghy. The eventual answer was, "put the lid on, and move it carefully." Meanwhile, Joe and Solid looked at the various booby traps surrounding the camp and decided to have a go at disarming them. After barely being able to remove the simplest of them, a grenade with tripwire, they decided to leave the rest. Joe then had a short conversation with the grenade, but learnt nothing significant.

Back in the plane, Kalina and Gary eventually persuaded Travar to let them kill one of the spurts so they could analyze its poison. The primitive lab on the plane allowed them to decide that the spurt's poison could very well be the same one that was in David's body.

Travar spent some time on the phone, arranging a meeting for the next morning with some prospectors out at sea. He also phoned the GEO bomb squad in Haven, and they will attend the camp in a few days; similarly, the GEO could send a salvage team to recover David's boat in a week or so.

With nothing else to do at the camp, the Crew decided to head back to Longshore for some sleep. When they got back, Gary dropped another sample of the spurt poison into the clinic's numar and confirmed that it was the same poison that they found in David.

A short time later, Gary was woken by a phone call, patched through the Longshore clinic, from a distraught Native woman in Keepsake. Her son, Wayne, had been beaten up and the paramedic at Keepsake wasn't doing enough for him. Gary summoned the Crew, and they headed back to Keepsake.

They were met by Eleanor and George, who didn't seem too welcoming. They eventually talked their way into the first-aid room, and Gary examined the sedated Wayne. Horatio, the paramedic, insisted that Wayne had been injured by a falling spar, and was perfectly OK. He really didn't want Gary to take over Wayne's care, but Gary persisted and Wayne was transferred to the Crew's plane where Gary examined him in more detail.

While Gary was working, Travar, Kalina, and Joe talked to Wayne's mum. She said that Wayne ws involved with some bad sorts, but didn't know any details. Her testimony, and Gary's examination, suggested that Wayne had been beaten up, and not had a spar drop on him.

Then Milo spotted a hydrofoil approaching Keepsake. The crew refused to talk to Travar by radio, and were met by George on the beach. The four of them walked along the beach and had a conversation in the middle of nowhere, in low voices, in a Native patois. Joe's hovering remote didn't pick up much. The hydrofoil crew returned to their boat, collected some bags, and came shore again.

Then everyone heard the gunshot.

And the screaming.

Various people congregated on a hut, to find a 10-year-old boy lying in a pool of blood, with more fountaining out. George was ejected from the scene after trying some basic first aid. Joe's remotes saw someone fleeing from Gustav's hut into the jungle, and the hydrofoil crew heading in the same direction. Gary and Kalina arrived and started emergency surgery there and then. Travar went to Gustav's hut and saw Jessica sobbing and a rifle. Jessica said that she'd tried to shoot Gustav because he'd killed David, and pointed to Gustav's (paper) journal. Travar pocketed the journal and arrested Jessica.

Joe, closely followed by Solid, chased into the jungle. Joe found a person from the hydrofoil, with an SMG, who warned Joe off. Joe, with the aid of a spotter drone, shot him (twice). The other two hydrofoil crew came running back and managed to shoot Joe, knocking him unconscious. Solid Snake and the bad guys exchanged some fire, resulting in no effect on them, but Solid's death.

And that's where we left it.