Longshore Crew session 2

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Session 2 of the Longshore Crew campaign. This session report was written by Kevin White, player of Captain Travar N'gama

In short... yet again, no bullets were fired. I think you should have done a gansta movie Neil! ;)

So what did we do... well, we started out by finding out more forensic information from David's abode, very little and nothing directly incriminating (although we lifted a couple of sets of prints that tie in with some prints lifted from a Poseidon First (eco-terrorist group) action and a set that tied in with some black marketeering).

We then went for a wander round the community to see if we could find Hannibal and debrief him. Oh and whilst doing this we were liberarlly splashing around micro-bugs (don't tell the Magistrate!). As a stroke of luck the previously less than forthcoming Hannibal was looking for us to impart a vital bit of information concerning where the likely suspects were. Remarkably, these suspects, some prospectors, were not anywhere near Keepsake and he suggested (quite insistently) that we make best speed toward the area and apprehend these criminals. *cough*bullshit*cough*.

So we go to the long house to thank Eleanor/Penelope (who was having an identity crisis!) for the communities time, receive more less-than-subtle suggestions to vacate the premises, liberaly spread some more bugs around the place and then head back to the plane to do some more analysis and monitor the bugs.

This is roughly when we notice on some of the bugs that our friendly and bumbling local cop is running round with a bug scanner and swatting our insect army. Wonder where he got the money for that little item? And come to mention it, where did an agro community like this find the money for streetlights and the other signs of a generally well off place?

So we power cycle a number of the bugs to keep them opperating and listen into the ones in the longhouse. General, chit chat concerning David's murder and an interesting conversation between George and Eleanor/Penelope (she is still confused!) concerning our man Wayne that Jessica seemed to be so concerned about not knowing anything about. Seems he is off doing something dangerous and that George is the calming presence in Eleanor's otherwise confused life. Wonder why he knows so much about it?

Whilst all this is going on and we are frantically trying to save our defencless bugs, we pick up a incoming boat on radar which turns out to be a native catamaran containing 3 lively souls and one less than lively (but stil alive) soul. Our drones and pick up can't determine any physical injury but there is enough chit-chat picked up to indicate the poor soul is Wayne. [Neil: forgot to ask, how were these individuals dressed? Any signs of military hardware? Or anything unusual in the boat?]

Deciding that we would make good on our promise to search for the evil-bad-guy-prospectors we set off on an automated search pattern, dropping soanar bouys and doing a radar survey of the 400km2 area around about where the body was found. And then we all went to sleep.

*beep* *beep* .... *beep* *beep* ... Ooo we found something. And not only something, we found David's bodycomp and boat. After much faffing and worrying about fish with big teeth and possible boobie traps on the boat, we recover the body comp and establish that the boat was somehow involved in a full on street battle (must have been give the number of bullets in it) and then scuttled. The bodycomp is yet to reveal it's secrets... going to be a long night for our resident computer expert.

Given that we were close to Longshore we decide to head back there to catch some more zzz's when more beep-beeping alerts us to some regular tracks on the beach of a small island. So much for sleep!

Down we settle and head out tooled up for hexaboar. The tracks look like a catamaran has been pulled up on the beach and lead to a well booby trapped camp and almost deserted camp. The sole inmates being three soft spurts sitting in a fish tank, which are known to be moderately poisonous... I wonder if the poison we extracted from David would match this poision.. any takers on that bet?

Things to do:

  • Check the fishtank for prints.
  • Take a sample of the poison (no I don't know how!) and compare it to the extracted poison
  • Try to determine how long ago the fire was burning (dunno if this can be done with the forensics bot or if I can sample the temperature, and use that and the approximate fire size to determine an approximate time) or how long ago the catamaran was beached (try to use the dryness of the surface sand to determine this... erhm.. somehow! :))
  • Call in the bomb squad (or if we have a resident bomb expert at Longshore) to disarm the booby traps and see if we can get any infromation regarding the source of the explosives. Oh and scan the traps for finger prints.
  • Get a coffee.

Captain Kevin