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This page details adventures for the Hollow Earth Expedition role-playing game, run by Martin Goodson.

The Secrets of The Knights Templar


  • David as Colt Strife, the noted fortune hunter.
  • Claire as Jayne Jones, intrepid reporter.
  • Ben as Rupert Colne-Smythe, internationally renowned big-game hunter
  • Jef as Doctor Vincent Van Horne, the famed and not-in-the-slightest-bit-mad scientist
  • Adrian as Carl Zimmer, the famous industrialist (currently not in the best of health).
  • Ryan as tbd

Also featuring ...

  • Professor Herbert Lovelace, noted historian and eccentric.
  • Emilia Lovelace, beautiful daughter of Professor Lovelace.
  • Otto, Carl Zimmer's devoted manservant and driver.
  • Herr Templemann, leader of a group of ruthless Nazis.
  • A group of ruthless Nazis.

Episode 1

Summoned to London by a desperate plea for help from their long-time friend Professor Herbert Lovelace, who claims to have uncovered a fabulous historical secret but fears he is being watched, our intrepid heroes arrive just in time to witness the Professor being shot and a small group of ruthless thugs in long black leather trenchcoats bundling the professor's beautiful daughter, Emilia, into a fast car.

Colt and Jayne stay behind to render medical assistance while Rupert, Doctor Van Horne, and Carl Zimmer give chase. Carl's powerful limousine, aided by the superb driving skills of his manservant Otto, enable them to easily keep up with the Nazis, while Doctor Van Horne's steam-powered cruiser struggles but valiantly keeps pace.

A valiant (but unsuccessful) attempt to leap from the limousine to the nazi roadster leaves Rupert thrown clear and onto the street, where he successfully commandeers a London bus (over the objections of the conductor) to follow the kidnapped Ms. Lovelace.

Realizing that they are being pursued the Nazis open fire in the busy London streets, endangering both the heroes and the general public, but this does not deter our heroes in their dogged pursuit. No matter where they drive, no matter how narrow the street, the Nazis cannot shake our heroes from their tail.

Meanwhile, the professor explains to Colt and Jayne that their Nazis are after the secret he uncovered, what he believes to be the long lost treasures of the infamous Knights Templar. They have grabbed his daughter because he would not co-operate, but also because they observed that the medallion around her neck (a recent gift from her doting father) was a significant clue. The professor explains that the Nazis are going to the British Museum, in search of an object that matches the design on his daughter's medallion.

Colt and Jayne immediately summon a taxi, and promise a substantial bonus to the taxi driver if he knows a short way to the Museum. Fortunately for them he does, and they arrive before the Nazis. Colt evacuates the museum by the expedient (but legally dodgy) method of firing his handgun into the air, which causes staff and customers alike to flee.

The Nazis, meanwhile, grab the medallion from around the throat of Emilia and throw her out into the middle of the street, where our heroes are sure to hit her. With superhuman reflexes and driving skills Otto is able to brake just in time, leaving an unconscious Emilia immediately under the bumper of Carl's limo.

The bus driver is not so skilled, and is unable to stop in time but with a superhuman feat of strength is able to swerve the bus such that it narrowly avoids the limo and instead collides into the alley wall. Though doubtless relieved at having avoided killing anyone, the bus conductor is not best pleased at the damage.

Doctor Van Horne's steam-powered car, however, has problems with its brakes: they don't work properly. Forced to use his experimental ejector seat, the good Doctor lands on the top of the bus - narrowly avoiding Rupert!

The Nazis enter the British Museum, seeming to know exactly what they're looking for (more or less). Heading to one of the large basement workshops/storage areas they are about to begin their search when they are interrupted by Colt and Jayne. Colt attempts to bluff his way into obtaining more knowledge, but Herr Templemann is suspicious and orders his men to shoot the intrepid fortune hunter.

But Colt has distracted the Nazis for long enough for the other heroes to catch up and enter, pinning down the Nazis in a blistering hail of fire. The cowardly Nazis begin to retreat, doubtless planning to return on another occasion, but Rupert shoots the medallion out from Herr Templamann's hand and Jayne - in a truly spectacular dash - sprints from cover, slides under the Nazi car, and grabs the medallion just as they are escaping.

With the Nazis fleeing our band of heroes just have time to search for the item matching the inscription on Emilia's medallion, and find a small wooden box with some manner of puzzle lock just as the police arrive, summoned by the gunfight at the museum. Fortunately our heroes are able to evade the police and make their way back to the professor's house, in order to examine the box more closely ...

In next week's exciting episode : EGYPT!