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Freedom of Information

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(A Cold City game.)

Gathered here are some of the facts that the cell have managed to piece together so far; note that not all this information is known by all characters, nor is it necessarily all true.

The Cell


Black American soldier who lost many brother's in arms to the Nazi experiments and has come through the war with an obsession for involved Voodoo rituals. His country wants him to recruit Nazi scientists and prevent them from defecting to other nations. Played by Robin Poole


Stiff-upper lipped British officer, traumatised by the experiements conducted on him by the Ahnenerbe: many of these memories are suppressed but emerge in waking visions. He wants revenge against those who made him like this and his country needs him to discredit the Americans, breaking their stranglehold on the upper echelons of the RPA. Played by Scott Dorward


Russian officer under orders to secure German scientists and persuade them to defect to the east, conflicted by the affair he has had with the French Ambassador's wife Elinore Dubois. He wants their love child to be raised as a Soviet citizen. Played by Neil Smith


French photo journalist drawn into the cold war as a result of his own investigations, ordered by his country to recover the looted art treasures taken during the German Occupation. He has Elinore Dubois in his sights as a romantic conquest. Played by Ashley Munday


German architect, an apprentice of Albert Speer, co-opted by the Russians; he dreams of waking the sleeping soul of Berlin and founding a Fourth Reich from the ashes of Germany. He is under orders to investigate a leak of information from within the RPA that has reached the private sector.Played by Matthew Sanderson

Who's Who

Major Vincent Fox

  • Executive Intelligence officer of the RPA since his French predecessor's promotion to other work 6 months ago; he has little respect for this cell and has instructed Cornelius to keep a close watch on Edward, who they are trying to keep away from any really sensitive information.
  • After discovering the 'Red' page on Fox's desk, Reggie beat him to death while flashing back to his time as a test subject. Cornelius took the body and tried ot reanimate it, but ended up turning it into a puppet for Bone Chappie.

Elinore Dubois

The French ambassdor's wife who recently had a child as a result of her affair with Arkady, she is on the board of Brugmann Associates, the corporation behind the building of the 'art gallery' in the British Sector. She is the conspiracy surrounding the art gallery, Brugmann Associates and the Bequest up to her neck.

Ernest Kroeger

Head of the Choir of God and another director of Brugmann Associates, Elinore implied to Arkady that he had 'gone renegade' and used Brugmann Associates to channel money from his congregation into the building project. He is now dead, having been shot by Reggie while trying to escape RPA custody (in reality, Arkady & Reggie conspired to eliminate him after Cornelius persuaded him to defect to the West)

Bone Chappie

  • Godzilla-sized collation of bones & horns that lurks in a vast desert in another dimension accessible therough the AllGate, e.g the art gallery once activated by the sonic device linked to whatever lurked below this site (whatever it was, it knew Cornelius by name)
  • Thanks to Cornelius' wicked Voodoo magics, the spirit of Bone Chappie now walks the Earth in the body of Major Fox.

Gerhard Treffen

A businessman and criminal overlord, also a director of Brugmann Associates, alleged to have received confidential information from within the RPA and profitted from it.

Dr. William Prufitt

Recently appointed to Chief Cornoer for the RPA in the last 6 months, he also became a prime investor in Brugmann Associates; he has claimed (to Edward and Reggie) that he was only involved in the company in an attempt to trace the leak within the RPA.

Hans Gluckman

Erstwhile employee of Treffen and more latterly a member of the Choir of God, now deceased after exsanguination in the Weisseberg Strasse apartments; an autopsy revealed many biological anomalies such as a network of tough fibres surrounding his heart.

Dieter Schmidt

Black marketeer and smuggler specialising in bootleg recordings of popular music; much of his collection was destroyed when the Weisseberg Strasse apartments were demolished, though Cornelius salvaged one box which contained the Lorelei recording. He had inherited his apartment when his uncle died 6 months ago and had employed Gluckman on some occasions as a delivery driver, according to Wilhelm.

Marlene Prosser & Dr. Max Prosser

The latter was an Ahnenerbe biologist who died during the bombing of Berlin... possibly. His widow had something in her bathtub that killed at least two men (Gluckman and Pvt. Goldstein)before both she and it were killed by Edward, Cornelius & Reggie.

Wilhelm Deinrich

  • A construction worker living in the Weisseberg Strasse apartments who reluctantly and angrily assisted William, Cornelius and Reggie with their enquiries.
  • He has also been named as a partner in Brugmann Associates and the go-between leaking secrtes to Gerhard Treffen on behalf of someone in the RPA.
  • Eddie knows that Wilhelm is The Red, like himself.

Wilmut Dengler

An Ahnenerbe scientist involved in Reggie's time with them as an experimental subject; he was under Elinore's protection, but she sold him out to Arkady, who persuaded him to defect East.

What's What

Choir of God

A religious order now disbanded with the destruction of their church and the death of their leader; an autopsy on those caught in the church's cellar during the fire has shown identical anomalies to those found in the dissection of Hans Gluckman.

Brugmann Associates

A shady business which counts Elinore Dubois, Ernest Kroeger (deceased), Gerhard Treffen and Dr. William Prufitt on its board of directors. It is implictade in financing the construction of the AllGate 'art gallery'.

Project: Handshake

  • An Ahnenerbe project that Dr. Max Prosser worked on towards its end (he was not connected with the start of the project) and in which some of Cornelius' captured comrades were used as experimental subjects... or sacrifices?
  • Project: Handshake was an effort to open up an interdimensional gate; the 'song' of the dead & tortured was used by the Handshake device to call upon Bone Chappie to open the gate.
  • The Handshake device is a large piece of machinery; it was in an abandoned Ahnenerbe laboratory beneath the art gallery, where Dengler was hiding out.
  • Arkady tried to get Dengler and Handshake for the Soviets, but Deinrich and the other ex-residents of the Weisseberg Strasse apartments have stolen Handshake; Reggie burned Dengler's notes about Twilight.

The Cosmonaut's Bequest

A collection of devices and data gained as a result of Project: Handshake, the identity of the Cosmonaut is unknown at this time.

The Barabas Partnership

A cabal of movers & shakers who have come into possession of the Bequest and have been using the devices and dat contained therein to advance their own agendas..


Something that Dengler has bene working on while hiding out in the lab under the art gallery.

The Red

An entity composed of animated blood? Whatever it is, Eddie is now part of it, along with the ex-residents of Weisseberg Strasse. The Red's stated goal is: "Open the Cage; Release the Cosmonaut!"