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Edge of the Empire - Campaign Logs

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Series One: Black Metal

Week 1 - Arrival

Gaspard Niyoti met with Vyn Secura to discuss his plans to save the heritage of the Jedi from the Empire. He also gave his the services of his slave Phrae as a pilot. The ship he had bought was waiting for them on Supply Station DSL-7A. He had booked them seats on Lu-Kass Spaceways Shuttle THX-1138 that would take them straight there.

Also on the shuttle were Ma'Set who had joined the station as a mechanic, Nos Koth who was being interviewed for a job protecting a young Toydarian Prince and Kal Jorek who appeared to be gambling his way around the universe.

Arriving at the station they were met by the standard unit of Stormtroopers who escorted them to their commander to have their papers checked. After the usual pleasantries he declared no interest in them and that they should be killed and fed to the Acklay. Naturally the team resisted, and overpowered their opponents. Stripping the bodies of everything useful they looked through the security feeds and saw things moving in the shadows.

The station had three docking bays. DB-1 was where they had come in and the shuttle had already gone and their luggage had been unloaded and was just sitting there. DB-2 showed a cargo transporter being unloaded. The crates were unusually large and seemed to be rocking of their own accord. DB-3 had a battered looking YT-1300 small freighter in it.

The team tried to leave the office only to find some young, hungry Acklays waiting for them. Ma’Set made a run for their luggage and got there. Phrae and Nos Koth headed for DB-3 while Gaspard and Kal headed through the ventilation ducts to DB-3.

Along the way Phrae and Nos met up with Ma’Set however Phrae was mentally attacked by a force user who pinned her to the floor as a hungry Acklay approached.

Gaspard and Kal crept over a bar and found the station crew all imprisoned there. Out of 14 crew, 8 were still alive. They begged them for help but the two carried on. Reaching DB-3 they found a fully grown Acklay waiting for them.

Week 2 - Plans of the Mad Jedi

Realising they needed to retreat Gaspard Niyoti and Kal Jorek returned to the room where the crew were being held to talk to them. They learned that a mad Jedi and some rebels had arrived on the cargo transporter with a dozen Acklays and were laying a trap for Imperial Commander Gregson and his crew. He was due to arrive here for R&R and resupply today. He also planned to blow up the space station and take the Imperial Star Destroyer with them.

Meanwhile, with great effort Nos Koth and Ma'Set fought off the Acklay before moving the paralysed Phrae out of harm’s way.

The crew of the Station would not help our team until they contacted the Star Destroyer and told them to stay away. Gaspard called the other team back to assist them in freeing the station’s crew, which they did. The team helped the crew get to the command post safely and then headed for their ship with the crew released the docking clamp for. The Imperial Star Destroyer was saved, the team took the crew with them before activating the Mad Jedi’s bomb and destroying him and the space station. They then headed for the nearest hospitable world which was Nar Shadda.

Week 3 - The Jewel of Yavin (1)

After a bit of shopping they met up with Cazne Secura in a bar. He was their personally as he had heard some important news, The Star of Yavin had come up for sale on Bespin and they had three days to get it. A job was being arranged by Aris Shen and he had put them forward for it.

Leaving right away the crew headed for Cloud City and after some confusion was allowed to berth in docking bay 124. Kal Jorek immediately went to the bar closely followed by Phrae.

Meanwhile Gaspard Niyoti Ma'Set and Nos Koth went to meet Aris Shen only to find her trying to avoid armed creatures in black who were following her. Ma’set got in the way of one of them causing enough distraction for her to escape. She gave Gaspard an address and asked him to meet her there, Ma’Set declined and headed for the bar in case the CIB came back.

In the bar Kal had started gambling with Gerrol Hunn, the pilot of the Stormhawks racing team who were taking part in the Cloud City Grand Prix. Meanwhile Phrae was earning money pole-dancing and Ma’Set took interest in the cage fight.

Reaching the room Gaspard and Kos learned that Aris was not the brains behind the venture, she was the front person for her father, Arend Shan. Sending out his assistant Solaire Vyr'chell to fetch the rest of the team, he then explained his plan to get the Jewel.

The team were to influence the auction so that the winning bid was exceptionally high and that hopefully that would be Vorse Tabarith’s bid. Arend hated him as he was married to Aris. Then the team would hack the transaction filtering the bid into another account. Then they were to take the jewel – effectively stealing the gem twice. The “simplest” way to get them all into the gala where the auction was occurring would be to win the Cloud City Grand Prix!

The team were left asking questions of their competition with Aris and Solaire.

Week 4 - The Jewel of Yavin (2)

The crew questioned Aris Shen for a while and arranged for her to supply them with a Cloud Car. Then they all went to the bar! Gaspard Niyoti befriended Shreya Ordassa's friend Leina. Also there was Phrae who listened to Pos Podura's plans to seduce Shreya. Kal Jorek and Ma'Set initially went to look at the cloud car. Kal stayed around the pits, went to the bar there and befriended a mechanic called Ol' Sav. Buying him a few drinks Kal recruited him to the team. Ma'Set decided to make some more money in the illegal fights at "The Four and a Half" and ended up killing a Gamorrean with his bare hands. Nos Koth ended up befriending one of the seven bidders, Elaiza, she seemed to recognise his species. Gaspard and Leina retired to The Yarith Bespin, where they had a meal and left each other to meet again tomorrow for a tour of the museum. Phrae headed back to the hotel where Nos and Elaiza were chatting, she was unsure what level of mischief to apply to poor Pos. Kal did a lap of the race circuit with Sav and learned some of the hazards they will face. Ma'Set was arrested by the Cloud City guards when he turned up at the hospital.

Gaspard Niyoti Kal Jorek Ma'Set Nos Koth Phrae Solaire Vyr'chell Arend Shan Aris Shen Vyn Secura Shreya Ordassa