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Edge of the Empire - Characters

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Ma'Set - Played by John


A Barabel gadgeteer who has joined the team as an engineer after his job on DSL-7A was blown up.

Gaspard Niyoti - Played by Scott

Gaspard Niyoti

A well-educated human noble with a penchant for archaeology. He is the default leader of the team.

Phrae - Played by Alex


A Zeltron slave who has changed her ownership to Gaspard Niyoti. She doesn't say much but is a good pilot.

Kal Jorek - Played by David

Kal Jorek

A human gambler who is distinctly untrustworthy, joined the team as it was the only way off the space station.

Nos Koth - Played by Jan

Nos Koth

A Dashade mercenary whose job to protect a Toydarian prince went south after the rebels took over DSL-7A. Joined the team for the promise of money.

Solaire Vyr'chell

Solaire Vyr'chell

Taken into service of Nobles, she is currently working for Arend Shen on Cloud City.