Earthdawn: Road to Throal

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Earthdawn - The road to throal

What went before...

Alecha - Eleven Nethermancer
Keesa - Troll Warrior
Gavin - Human Wizard
Harvan - Ork Scout

Jerris to the west, Glenwood deep to the north and an expanding ork nation to the south...

7th day of Sollus, 710th year of the Throalic calendar;

Alecha, Keesa and Gavin are called to see Yulan Thetford, govenor of Lendan. They have spent the last few weeks recovering from their ordeals at Darkpeak and improving their abilities and learning the talents of their new circles.

In the room with Yulan are a shy looking farmer and an old Ork, whose grey streaked hair and haunted eyes speak of a difficult life. The whip at his waist and Theran crossbow slung across his back add to the mystery.

The man who looks like a farmer is introduced as Tolan. he preoceeds to explain that he is originally from the hamlet of Kember and travelled west several months ago to seek a new home. At this point Keesa stalks out to the pub.

Tolan was shocked when he found Lendan but discovered he was the first refugee its population have seen. he says that Kember was established over 35 years ago but, about two years ago, the population began being killed by creatures from the nearby pit of nerris.

The pit of nerris is located half a days walk north of Kember. The founders of Kember located it after the town was established. they recognised the place was a source of great evil but seemed to be safe if they stayed away from it. rather than relocate and rebuild the whole town, they decided to continue building their community, Which worked for over 30 years...

Tolan then told them that, due to these continuing attacks, about 18 months before, a slow exodus had started. Yulan confirmed that no-one has heard of any other refugees. Yulan feels that the predations of artificier could not account for the dissapearance of all the refugees. At this point he introduces the Ork standing silently at the side of the room. The most obvious things about him are the scars of a long time in shackles that mark his wrists, the haunted but steel edged look in his eyes and the missing incisor tooth, which would make his mouth slightly comical where it not for the grim face that frames it.

Harvan tells them of his former life as a Theran slave on one of their airships and how he gained his freedom only after a horror began working its way through the airship crew. Harvan avoided the carnage by hiding until, blown far off course as the crew murdered each other, the airship crashed. Harvan crawled form the wreckage, dazed and injured. He wandered away from the crash and passed out. Several days later he awoke in the city of Lendan, his wounds tended and his needs met. In the past few weeks he has been working to help Lendan reestablish itself to repay the debt he feels he owes them.

At this point Yulan tells the group that he has managed to get the airboat they salvaged from near Darkpeak repaired and is willing to allow them to use it, under command of 'captain' Harvan. Judging by the suprise on his face, this is just as much news to Harvan as it is to the rest of the group.