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Earthdawn: Darkpeak

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The Story So Far...

Alecha - Eleven Nethermancer
Drandros - Windling Scout
Keesa - Troll Warrior
Gavin - Human Wizard

Yulan Thetford, govenor of the newly repopulated city of Lendan, called a group of adepts to his office in the ruins of the old city hall. They were Alecha the elven nethermancer, Keesa the troll warrior, Drandros the windling scout and Gavin the human wizard. They were charged with travelling east to find out if the old trade routes were clear and to attempt to make contact with the Kaer of Darkpeak, located on the western edge of the mountains. Its' population could help Lendan grow to become a viable trading hub and provide security and prosperity for its people.

The group were given a horse, wagon and provisions and set out on their journey. They soon discovered that the old trade road, composed of white stones enchanted to keep them clear of weeds, had been removed and scattered by whatever mighty force had rent the landscape, leaving terrible scars, troughs and rough ground. They pushed east, sighting the occasional solitary stone, until making camp in a sheltered area on the first night.

Their peaceful sleep was interrupted when Drandros spied the sleek forms of two wolves racing into the camp...

Alecha awoke to find a large wolf working its way onto the flatbed of the wagon she was sleeping on. The rest of the group woke to Drandros's warnings to repel the attacking wolves. Drandros promptly developed a habit for firing his bow rather than his arrows and Keesa began establishing her reputation for brutality to wildlife. Gavin was knocked to the floor and was in danger of becoming a wolves dinner before the last wolf was viciously dispatched.

Investigation of the wolves bodies revealed odd patterns of minor wounds with metal pins embedded inside, each made of an odd metal and glowing with astral presence.

after tending their wounds and completing their rest, the group continued their journey east, following the wolves trail until it diverged to the south-east. Continuing to the east, they discovered that whatever had rent the landscape had seriously re-arranged the countryside. The wide, flat Tylon river had become a series of narrow, winding watercourses, walled by steep cliffs and full of vicious and unpredictable currents. Should the group risk a crossing or follow the riverbank north or south to seek a safer crossing...

The group decided to construct a make-shift raft from their wagon and take to the water, a strategy that led them to discover that their draft horse was Barsaives first surfing horse!

A day and a half of drifting where the current took them led the group to a strange hamlet located in an oxbow of the Tylon river. The occupants were a small community of T'Skrang. They subsisted by trading on whatever was washed up on their shores by the river.

Whilst being shown the wonders of a T'Skrang community, the group discovered that one of the children was in a coma after being found wandering near a campsite to the north whilst a group was out hunting game. A series of now familiar wounds were found when the child was examined. It was also revealed that a small airboat carrying another group of adventurers had landed at the village a few weeks before, apparently also seeking Darkpeak.

The hamlets riverboat captain offered to ferry the group north to investigate the area where the child had dissapeared...

The group set off from the abandonned T'Skrang campsite to try and find the mysterious chamber the T'Skrang child had fallen into. Drandros used the magic of his tracking talent to full effect, following the week old scuffs of the childs passage as if they were neon signs, until the group were set upon by more crazed wildlife.

Keesa again displayed her talent for eviscerating anything furry whilst Drandros was severely troubled by the lightning crows hiding in the trees. A short but viscious exchange of spells and lightning, including a long range 'sniper' cast by Alecha, saw the group again victorious.

Whilst the rest of the group retired to the campsite to recover from the combat, Alecha explored further up the hillside, discovering a large tilted tree apparently growing from the mountain and fronted by much sign of animal activity. proceeding inside, Alecha found herself in a small chamber obviously carved from the stone of the mountain itself. Also in the room was a very odd sight - a large hornets nest and its' occupants - all apparently made of a shiny metal! Alecha tried to illicit a response from the hornets before returning to the campsite to fetch the others.

The group returned and made their way inside, carefully avoiding upsetting the hornets. They found themselves in a connected network of corridors leading to storage rooms, where they discovered the remnants of a cloak and leather armour, both adorned with a dwarven rune which translated as Blueridge, covered in blood and teeth marks and missing any trace of their previous owners.

The corridors led to a larger area, where the group confirmed they had indeed found Darkpeak Kaer. The group decided to explore further, following the signs for the kaers market place. There they found a round chamber with stepped ranks of shops surrounding an area of stalls, normal and deserted except for the far side. stretching across the market area, in an almost perfectly straight line, the market, it's stalls and everything on them had been turned to metal of a type identical to the hornets nest. The group investigated this demarcation but would not risk venturing into the area.

Thus they turned around and backtracked before following the signs for the kaers housing. they emerged in a large inverted bowl cavern with a large 'street' sided by stepped terraces covered with various sized accomodatons and communal areas. The keen eyed amongst them also spotted two shambling forms carrying valuable looking pots down from one of the houses. forewarned, the group set ambush for these strange creatures...

these vile creatures of undeath seemed slow and jerky in their motions and attacks until wounded. Keesa quickly dispatched one but then Alecha cast a bonespear from some distance, causing one of the cadaver men to go into a superhuman rage and charge across the terraces, intent on her blood. As he charged, Alecha stepped back and summoned a circle of magical cold. But it wasn't enough! The creature brushed aside the effects of the chill circle and tore into the elf nethermancer, throwing her far off her feet. Only the swift intervention of Keesas axe and Drandros's bow saved her.

Bloodied by their combat, the group sought refuge in an abandonned house, mounting guard as they spent several days recovering their strength and perfecting their talents. During this time they occasionaly heard a large form moving around near the house, catching a glimpse of a large creature of some description patrolling the street. Once recovered, the group resumed exploration of the Kaer.

First they passed through another housing dome, identical to the first, before proceeding through the connecting tunnel to another area, this one full of workshops and artisans quarters as well as a small community of spire like windling houses. Drandros decided to investigate, working his way through the houses roof entrance. The first floor was empty but, as Drandros worked his way down the next flight of stairs, there was an ominous click. Before Drandros could react, scores of darts shot from the opposite wall, wounding the unfortunate windling. The trap had been guarding a large (for windlings) and elaborate wardrobe. Drandros tried to work his way past the lock, but his efforts were cut short by Keesa smashing her hand through the wall, extracting the wardrobe and breaking it apart with little apparent effort. Revealed inside was a fine suit of windling size hardened leather armour. Drandros gleefully donned his new aquisition and the group continued.

The next dome around had obviously contained a large garden and social area, but the only foliage that remained was a towering dome of vines around 20 feet across and over 30 high. The far side of the dome again displayed the metallic nature seen in the market. Gavin and Drandros decided to investigate the vine mound whilst Alecha and Keesa held back.

The vines seemed to be covering a small cottage like building. Drandros and Gavin moved to investigate, finding the vines more trouble than they thought when gavin began developing a rather distracting rash. Eventually they managed to clear enough to discover the cottage was also protected by a magical field of some sort. A plaque on the door simply stated 'prove your art'. after several false starts by the others, Alecha inscribed an impromtu drawing on the board and the field faded...

Inside the cottage they found the domain of the kaers leading elementalist. inside were records of the kaers fall, supplies, some equipment and the body of the elementalist himself, reposed on a bed upstairs. Alecha called upon her powers to life the dark veil of death and view the last moments of the elementalists life. What she saw was an old man bereft of hope taking his life in a gentle way as he could before madness finally consumed his home. Armed with new found knowledge and supplies, the group headed back to the central plaza.

The main feature of the central plaza was an imposing and very stout looking stone building, with thick beams sealing the doors and windows of both its stories.

into govnrs mansion

govnrs mansion - corridors and traps - labyrinth - artificier - flee

back to govnrs house - flee - fight - meet orks - camping - find boat - cadaver men

Amidst the ruined campsite, the party finished off the cadaver men who had risen from the wreckage. searching revealed some loot and an old, battered journal, bearing the same rune as the clothing found near their entry to darkpeak kaer. The book detailed the adventures of the Blueridge adventurers guild, who apparently had also been hired to find Darkpeak Kaer.

possesed orks, into the kaer, jumped by gnasher - slaughter - govnrs mansion (ext) try to lure gnashers - scouting - central corridor - 2 deaths - gnasher + 2 - gnasher + 1 - pause - trench run - gnasher + 1 attempt headoff - windy lightning - gnasher explodes - artificer attacks - mince + knockdown - sign drawn - doors opened - reunited - argument begins! - back home (eventually).