Design For Living - Tag's Diary - Session 2.9

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Athena arrived at the same time we returned, She however returned with an army. We then returned our prisoners, and misc others, to their cells. Dara removed the Cranial bobs that Gramble had planted. We also discovered that Romanov was being held by the king in the Thelbane prison. We eventual decided to send Bloom, Isawa and Atikus, when it cane time to leave the little weasel had naffed off down the pub . I returned him and they headed off to aid Romanov in his trial. Athena an I decided to cause a small diversion, turn over one of the forward bases of chaos, and see what crawled out. Athena and I did some scouting and then ported the troops in. However the troops that we were attacking were draconian and started attacking us with the usual range of breath weapons. I used the extended node vision to discover where the generals were, I discovered that there were two Logrus users and a Trump Artist. We then arrived in the Citadel where they were, Athena stunned then with a well timed flash bang, I quickly attempted to follow up by rendering Salina and Merlin unconscious, I succeeded rendering Salina unconscious while Athena fought with Bleys. Merlin incapacitated me with yet another fracking word of power, I recovered enough to dispatch a guard, Athena was holding out against both Merlin and Bleys, Merlin then open a trump gate and Athena let loose a flash bang, I stabbed Bleys with my sword as he left, however he also go me. Athena followed Bleys to give him hell, whilst I was left to handle Merlin. A moment later Athena, Atikus, Bloom, Romanov and Isawa piled in and help mob Merlin, Bloom detonated my sword which I handily left in Bleys and we headed home sharpish.

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