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The following is a list of various Non Player Characters. To simplify things, the NPCs have been grouped by faction, with non-aligned characters listed at the end.


The Design is drawn below a truly massive tree in Fenneval, home to Corwin and his family. Corwin drew this Design in a bid to prevent Chaos from destroying Shadow when the Pattern was damaged. He was successful, but in the end, the Pattern was destroyed leaving Fenneval as the last hope against total defeat by the forces of Chaos.

NPCs currently aligned with Fenneval and Corwin:


The Pattern was drawn in a primal plane accessible by very few. The walk-able Patterns were found in the first shadows of this once magnificent symbol of power. Amber is the first of the shadows and was home to many and the original home of the Lords of Amber.

NPCs previously aligned with Amber have either turned traitor and joined Chaos, or remain defiant against the odds and are either, dead, still imprisoned in Chaos, or have joined with Corwin and those aligned with Fenneval:


The scions of Chaos are many and varied and few are known by name. Those however that are known are powerful and deadly and are more often than not, mad with the Power of the Logrus and in addition, have faced the players or are notorious enough to be known by them, are listed here.

Those NPCs aligned with Chaos and the Logrus are:





Throughout shadow Beasts of significance roam. These Beasts are both strange and powerful and of late have been hunted by those craving power. Little however is currently know about these Beasts or even how many of them there are. The Beasts currently known or assumed are:

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