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Throughout shadow beasts of significance roam. These beasts are both strange and powerful and, of late, have been hunted by those craving power. Little however is currently know about these beasts or even how many of them there are.

Dworkin has a incomplete work cataloguing the beasts in his library. The book does not give much information as to the beasts nature, but does list several and highlights a certain 'aspect' associated with each of the listed beasts.

Black Bird

Aspect: Rumour Munger

The black bird was first seen in a vision by Athena sitting on a huge tree. The bird pecks the tree, assumed to be the one in Fenneval and then vanishes in a puff of black feathers.


Aspect: Cunning

The fox was first met by Mei-Lian in a glade somewhere in shadow. She free the Fox from a trap that held her and in turn, the Fox offered her a boon. Subsequently, she contacted Mei-Lian to tell her that she and her cubs was being hunted and that Bleys was probably behind the hunt. He had hunted her before and the Fox would be indebted to Mei-Lian if she killed him.

The Fox has since been located. She had been hunted from her hole and despite trying divert the hunters from her cubs, they were hunted down and killed. As a last resort, one of the cubs cage his life to summon his mother to safety. Unfortunately, she was dying. She decided to give of her essence to strengthen those that fight against her hunters.


Aspect: Remorselessness

Found dead in his cave, a sword stroke through his maw. The Jackal had previous set a trap for the Fox and, if the vision Athena had is to be believed, was probably working in conjunction with the hunters from Chaos.


Aspect: Possibly Change or Chaos

Some have assumed the Serpent is the creature worshipped in Chaos. There has been no proof of this.


Aspect: Family and Strength

Some have assumed the Tree mentioned in Dworkin's anthology of beasts is the tree in Fenneval. There has been no proof of this.


Aspect: Possibly Order or Purity

Some have assumed the Unicorn is the creature worshipped in Amber. There has been no proof of this.

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